(Men's Health) Follow the Icelandic example and you just might add 5 years or perhaps 20 years to your life:

Take in some air
Icelanders do not have to go far to find nature, a powerful healer. How powerful? Living near green space lowers cortisol levels in low-income people, a U.K. study found. Or get out of town. Search for a hike at http://www.alltrails.com

Study up, stay alive
Education level and life expectancy are correlated. In Iceland, school is free through college. Already have a degree? No excuse: Take online courses.

Look around
With its low pollution, healthy food, and chill lifestyle, Iceland is conducive to long life. If your hood has quality-of-life issues, consider a geographic cures.

Get together
Icelanders are joiners. So find a sport, poker game, book group anything, says University of Texas sociologist Debra Umberson, Ph.D. "American men would benefit greatly from hanging out more and supporting each other."

Do not be a martyr
Stay the hell home if you are sick. Icelanders are encouraged to take sick days, sparing healthy folks the bug. By law, citizens are guaranteed full wages during an illness a policy that might just sway longevity stats.

Have faith in cod
Nearly every Icelandic restaurant offers fresh fish, rich in omega-3s. Here in the USA, Whole Foods sells certified wild-caught Icelandic cod, plus salmon and char farmed in Iceland under stringently monitored conditions.


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