Have you ever passed gas in public by accident? It's probably what you ate or drank. Here is a list of foods that are known for causing the most flatulence, taken from

Legumes: Most beans, especially dried beans and peas, baked beans, soy beans, lima beans
Milk and Milk Products: Milk; ice cream; and cheese

Vegetables: Cabbage; radishes; onions; broccoli; Brussels sprouts; cauliflower; cucumbers; sauerkraut; kohlrabi; asparagus

Root Vegetables: Potatoes; rutabaga; turnips
Fruits: Prunes; apricots; apples; raisins; bananas

Cereals and Breads: All foods that contain wheat and wheat products including cereals, breads and pastries. Check labels.

Fatty Foods: Pan-fried or deep-fried foods; fatty meats; rich cream sauces and gravies; pastries. (While fatty foods are not carbohydrates, they too can contribute to intestinal gas.)

Liquids: Carbonated beverages, medications or powders


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