Pairing off with a single person
As a child moves away from his or her peer group to a one-on-one dynamic with an individual, the potential for intimate impropriety grows exponentially.

Lack of appreciation for the family's values
Look for a lessening interest in worship activities, sibling play and family functions.

Recently changed e-mail or Facebook password
Teens will lay the groundwork for a secret experience by shutting parents out of their online social life. You will also notice an unusual spike in the usage of inappropriate websites such as Craigslist, FourSquare, Chatroulette and Grinder.

For girls, sexually revealing clothing fashions
Low-cut skirts, short denim shorts, string bikinis, elastic-type clothing. Mothers should not be pressured into buying such clothing because "everyone is doing it"!

For boys, switching underwear styles
This may come as a surprise, but boys in the early stages of sexual prowling often make a shift from one underwear type to another. Some go from briefs to boxers to allow for easier access during oral copulation. Others select tighter pouch briefs, low-rise trunks, jockstraps or the homoeroticized Calvin Klein brand in an attempt to impress a potential mate with the firm, abundant shape of their private areas.

New, older friends
Most parents are aware that this is an issue for girls who have older male friends, but boys who become chummy with that sporty, festive guy down the street are also at risk. Homosexuals use the trick of athletic teams and sports outings to groom a boy for surreptitious erotic entanglements. Waterskiing, competitive swimming, hiking and karate can be minefields for young men, particularly when the steamy jocularity of the changing room leads to unfortunate voyeuristic displays of pubescent manhood.


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