Prince Harry has a loyal friend in Tom Hardy. The actor, 40, is not one to dish on all the details of his friendship with the 33-year-old royal, but he did let a few things slip in a recent interview with Esquire. While the star would only say that their friendship was "deeply private," he did not mince his words when it came to Harry. "Harry is a f -- -- legend," he told the magazine. The Venom actor and his wife Charlotte Riley, 36, attended the prince's nuptials to Meghan Markle at Windsor Castle in May. Proving how special their bond is, Hardy -- who's originally from London -- told Esquire he flew straight from New Orleans where he was filming Fonzo to be there on Harry's big day. Hardy and Harry's friendship dates back a number of years. The duo made an appearance in Star Wars with Prince William, 36, but unfortunately, the scene didn't make it to the big screen. The two friends were also photographed mingling at the Audio Polo Challenge in London back in 2016 as Harry and William played on Team Audi Ultra. While the pair has a close bond, they do not get to spend a lot of time together as, after all, they are both very busy men. Hardy has had a lot on his plate of late promoting his upcoming film Venom, which is set to hit theaters in October. In the fantasy thriller, a spinoff from the Spider-Man franchise, Hardy plays Eddie Brock, a journalist investigating the Life Foundation run by Carlton Drake, played by Riz Ahmed. Brock encounters an alien from Drake's lab that infects him and turns him into the character Venom. Harry is, of course, rather busy helping run a country and learning the ropes of being a husband. (People)

'Queer Eye' to launch branded merchandise including fashion and food. IMG has landed the exclusive global merchandise and licensing rights for Netflix's original series "Queer Eye." The new multi-year partnership will see IMG and "Queer Eye" build a robust licensing program of products, experiences and collaborations focused around the core areas addressed in the show. These include fashion and accessories, home design and decor, health, beauty and grooming, food and wine and culture and travel. "We know from the passionate audience viewing and the voracious appetite for 'Queer Eye' in social media, that the fans are longing for more ways to interact with the show," said David Collins, Scout's co-founder and "Queer Eye" creator. "IMG has a vision in line with ours, not just to make products but to build this brand in a powerful way. We could not be more excited to begin this journey with them." IMG will work with Scout Productions on branded and co-branded collaborations across a wide range of categories and distribution channels on behalf of "Queer Eye." The show is produced by Scout Productions in association with ITV Entertainment. Gary Krakower, vice president of licensing, IMG said: "We're very excited to be working with Scout Productions on 'Queer Eye.' There is huge demand from the series' passionate and growing fanbase for new, interactive ways to engage with the brand. This combined with the show's authentic storylines and unique ability to be as accessible as it is aspirational, lends itself extremely well to an extensive, multi-faceted licensing program. We can't wait to get started!" (PageSix)

Cardi B's baby daughter Kulture might get her own clothing line. She's only one month old, but Kulture Kiari Cephus is well on her way to becoming a style star. According to documents attained by The Blast, Cardi B and Offset have already filed to trademark their newborn daughter's name. With the paperwork submitted on August 2 under Sallie Smith LLC, a company registered to Offset, the couple are hoping to register Kulture's name for the merchandising of shirts, sweaters, jackets, pants, skirts and footwear. They're also seeking to protect any potential entertainment career Kulture might have down the road, registering her moniker for all "musical recordings, motion pictures, entertainment marketing services, online video games, dance events by a recording artist and fan clubs." (PageSix)

Newly engaged Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra have been busily drooling over each other in Southeast Asia. A spy spotted the pair sharing a cocktail at Lavo Singapore after Jonas' Sunday night concert, "holding hands the entire time and whispering in each other's ears." Added the queasy onlooker, "They never looked up from each other and were completely enthralled." Earlier, at the concert, Chopra was seen dancing and singing from the front row. The couple reportedly got engaged in July after two months of dating. The "Quantico" actress recently said, "My entire life, my personal life, is not for public consumption. Ninety percent of my life is for public consumption, but 10 percent is for me." (Page Six)

Kim Kardashian West sent some serious shade in Younes Bendjima's direction Tuesday following his split from Kourtney Kardashian. Just hours after photos of Bendjima getting cozy with another woman in Mexico surfaced, it was revealed that the model and Kourtney had split. A source told PEOPLE, "Younes was always supposed to be a rebound. Now with the pictures of Younes in Mexico, they are definitely not getting back together." However, Bendjima, 25, didn't appear perturbed by the news as he shared a photo of himself on vacation with a group of men and women and enjoying lunch on his Instagram Story Tuesday. It seems that snap, combined with the photos of the model looking very cozy with a woman that was not her sister, left Kim, 37, far from impressed. On a screenshot of the photo and other posts by the male model shared on Instagram by the Shade Room, the KKW Beauty mogul commented, "Nice pics from your 'boys trip.'" Kim also added a Pinnochio emoji, suggesting he was a liar. Kourtney's other sister, Khloe, also jumped to Kourtney's defense after Bendjima's comments. The star commented on the same screenshot, writing, "Alexa play "heard it all before" by Sunshine Anderson." Bendjima was certainly not shy about sharing photos of his group trip to Mexico on his Instagram Story, where he seemingly called out Kourtney. "I'm not attached to this 'life' so you can't touch me," he wrote. "I know who I am where I'm from and where I'm going and that bothers you. Only one opinion matter [sic] the one of my Lord have a wonderful day." The sisters came to Kourtney's defense despite their own ugly feud which saw Kim tell Kourtney she was the "least exciting to look at." After the fight was shown on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the sisters continued to bicker on social media. But it seems all they needed was a common enemy to put their own differences aside. Kourtney and Bendjima first met in Paris in October 2016, one night before Kim was robbed at gunpoint in her hotel. PEOPLE confirmed the two were dating in May 2017, and they went public with their relationship later that month at the Cannes Film Festival. On Tuesday, a source confirmed their split adding "it didn't end well." Signs of trouble for the two began when Bendjima let his distaste for Kourtney's revealing Instagram photos show in her comments. After she shared a photo of herself posting in a thong bikini, Bendjima reportedly dissed it in a since-deleted comment, according to TMZ. "Thats what you need to show to get likes?" He commented. An insider told PEOPLE at the time Bendjima was never a fan of her revealing photographs. "He never liked that she posted sexy pictures of herself on social media," the source said. "He doesn't want his girlfriend to do that. He gets it's her job but wants her to post more covered-up pictures. He has always had a problem with this. This is the stuff they argue about and what made them split in the past." (People)

Pennacchi, 22, works for his father's construction business in Princeton, NJ -- coincidentally named Mason Contractors and Building Restoration -- and told us that he does not get paid to impersonate Disick, 35. But he did admit that he's "been offered up to like $500 to $1,000 to take a photo." He doesn't know how many photos of him exist. "It's just the type of lifestyle I have. We do kind of the same things and stuff," he explained. "I work Monday through Friday with my dad's corporation and Friday, 5 o'clock comes and it's time to have fun. Every weekend, well lately we've been going to Atlantic City. It's summertime. But I'm in the city all the time. Fly to Miami, the Bahamas, LA. We just travel a lot. We got all the toys, the cars, the boats, all that stuff." He was first spotted by Page Six in July after he was caught partying just inches away from Disick at DAER Nightclub in Atlantic City. The two saw each other throughout the night, but they didn't interact. Kourtney Kardashian met him just weeks later at her Sugar Factory appearance in the same city. "My buddies were telling me because our family was sitting right next to [Kardashian and her entourage] at another table, they were telling us, 'Kourtney's taking pictures of you! Sending to her whole family!' She was kind of shocked because she probably thought it was Scott at first, but then she realized it wasn't," he told us. Pennacchi first saw the resemblance between himself and Disick about two years ago when he started growing out his beard, and he told us that people mistaking the two has quickly spiraled since then. He recalled being chased out of a Chinese restaurant in Red Bank, NJ, with his girlfriend at the time because fans thought his "Mason" license plate on a high-end car was Disick's. The "Mason" was in homage to his father's construction business -- not to Disick and Kardashian's 8-year-old son. A lady came up to me and goes, 'Scott, I just want to tell you that you're the only normal one in this family and I think you deserve your own reality show!' And I was like, 'Alright. I'm with my girlfriend. Can you please let me go right now?' And she was like, 'OK. I understand.' So, I'm walking out of the restaurant and I just see a mob of people with cameras screaming, 'Scott! We love you! We love you!' And I'm like 'Oh, whatever.' I wanted to get the heck out of there. So, I got in my car and they just started bombarding it. I was more worried about the car than about myself because it's my father's car!" "I started driving down the road and I see people running down the street for pictures. So, it got to that point. It's just unbelievable. And I have the one Mason on the license plate so it doesn't make it any better for myself and I wasn't even the one that put the license plate on there! My father was!" "I was actually down in Atlantic City last weekend and a lady came up to me -- I was playing at the casino at Hard Rock and she came up and said, 'Are you Scott or Paul?' I go, 'I'm Paul.' She goes, 'Oh, you're the guy from Page Six!' It's gotten to the point where I would say 60 percent think I'm Scott, but I've gotten it a couple times now that 'Oh, you're Paul! You were on Page Six! You're Paul Pennacchi, Scott's lookalike!' It's getting out of hand now!" (Page Six)

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino got his sentencing delayed yet again this week -- marking the third time he's caught a break in his tax evasion case, a report says. The hearing, which was originally scheduled to happen on April 25, is now going to take place on October 2 in New Jersey, according to Radar Online. It had been pushed back from April to August -- and then August to September -- following Sorrentino's guilty plea in January. The "Jersey Shore" star is facing up to five years behind bars for aiding in the preparation of a false and fraudulent tax return. His brother Marc is also looking at prison time for his admitted involvement. The postponement couldn't have come at a better time for Sorrentino, who is planning to marry fiancee Lauren Pesce sometime in the fall. It's unclear when the "long-planned" ceremony is supposed to take place, though. "They are working out the exact date now," a source told Radar back in June. "As well as the location for the wedding and venue for the reception." (Page Six)

Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter is the target of a fame seeker ... so says Brian Littrell who claims the rape allegations levied against his bandmate are garbage. We got Brian out at LAX Tuesday and wondered what would happen to the band should Nick get slapped with rape charges. TMZ broke the story ... the case now rests in the hands of the L.A. County D.A. As we first reported ... Nick's accused of raping Dream singer Melissa Schuman in 2002, but she only filed a police report 7 months ago. Brian's confident Nick will prevail and thinks the allegations are a sign of the times. (TMZ)

Lil Wayne wants his bling, bling back -- claiming NBA player Frank Mason ditched his Young Money sports agency ... and refuses to give back his YM chain. Backstory ... Mason signed to Weezy's Young Money APAA Sports Group back in April 2017 ... right before the NBA Draft (he was selected in the 2nd round by the Sacramento Kings). As part of the deal, YM says it advanced Mason $40,000, agreed to pay his pre-draft expenses (totaling $52k) and hooked him up with an $11,000 diamond Young Money chain. Pretty standard stuff. The catch, YM says Mason's contract stated that if he ever left the agency, he had to repay the money and give back his jewelry. Well, in April 2018 -- toward the end of Mason's rookie season -- Mason fired Young Money "at the urging of a former YM employee" but never gave back the stuff, according to a lawsuit obtained by TMZ Sports. Now, Young Money is asking the judge to force Mason's hand -- demanding $92k in cash plus the chain PLUS damages. FYI, Mason's NBA contract isn't super rich -- he only made $1.3 mil last season and will make similar money for the next 2 years. What's interesting, Mason appeared on the "TMZ Sports" TV show right after he signed with Young Money and told the guys why he was pumped to be in business with Lil Wayne. No word on what changed after the interview ... (TMZ)

Celebrities followed by Ivanka Trump on Instagram send her a scathing message. Ivanka Trump will receive a scathing surprise when she scrolls through her Instagram feed this week. Comedian Amy Schumer, model Alexa Chung, filmmaker Paola Mendoza and many others followed by President Donald Trump's daughter and senior adviser posted this note on the social media site in protest of the White House's family border separation policy: Mendoza, who co-founded the campaign, said Trump should take action "otherwise her words are as false as her father's." "The separation of families is a tragedy that Ivanka participated in and we will not stop shining the light of truth on her no matter how much she wants to hide from it," she told Bustle. Celebrities launched a similar "Dear Ivanka" campaign via Instagram last Thanksgiving when they urged her to protect young undocumented immigrants. (


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