• There's a Boycott USA movement slowly picking up steam in Canada. 
  • 63 people were shot in Chicago over the weekend. 
  • In North Carolina, a 9-year-old boy selling lemonade was robbed at gunpoint on Saturday. 
  • According to Entertainment Weekly, Robert Redford is retiring from acting after nearly 60 years. 
  • NBC is shooting a talk show pilot starring Kelly Clarkson. 
  • Hamza bin Laden, the son of Osama bin Laden, has married the daughter of Mohammed Atta, who was the lead hijacker in the 9-11 attacks. 
  • Charlotte Rae, who played Mrs. Garrett on TV's "The Facts of Life" has died. She was 92. 
  • According to Nielsen, NBC's coverage of the Hall of Fame game averaged 6.77 million viewers, which marked an 18 percent decline versus last year's exhibition. 
  • Facebook, Apple, YouTube, and Spotify have booted from their platforms podcasts, pages, and channels conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his Infowars website. 
  • Seven puppies were named for the "Gilligan's Island" crew after being rescued from a Canadian island. 
  • Lady Gaga tweeted out that she was sorry for the suicide of her friend, "Zombie Boy." She has now retracted the part about it being a suicide at the request of his family. 
  • New Parks Associates research reports 57% of consumers in U.S. broadband households report having at least one sleep problem. Nearly 29 million U.S. broadband households own a sleep tracking product today and more than 50% are willing to buy a sleep tech product. 
  • Lance Bass is buying "The Brady Bunch" house in Studio City, CA. 
  • Reality television star James "LB" Bonner of "My 600-lb Life" has been found dead at a South Carolina home. He was 30. 
  • The fourth season of "Better Call Saul" debuted last night. 
  • A report says Oregon is facing an oversupply of pot since legalization. 
  • Dolly Parton has announced a $37 Million expansion of Dollywood next year. 
  • Pro football's Pro Bowl will take place in Orlando again for the third straight year. 
  • Bristol Palin confirms she is divorced after 20 months of marriage. 
  • One of those treasurer hunters with a metal detector found a curler's lost Olympic ring on a California beach. 
  • Kelsey Grammar says that the name of his fourth wife is tattooed by his crotch to keep him from cheating. 
  • Chrissy Tiegen and John Legend were on a family vacation in Bali when that earthquake hit last Saturday. 
  • Sir Patrick Stewart is returning to the role of Captain Jean-Luc Picard for a new "Star Trek" series for CBS All Access.


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