Soleil Moon Frye -- little Punky Brewster -- turns 42 today.
  • She won the role of Punky over 3,000 other girls that tried out. To the 2,999 runner-ups, we could have been talking about you today.
  • She's not so punky anymore.
  • At what age do you stop being Punky... and go by just "Punk"?
  • In real life, she owns the Little Seed Eco-friendly baby boutique in Los Angeles.

Geri Halliwell celebrates her 46th birthday today. "Ginger Spice" is said to be working on solar girl power.
Country singer Lisa Stewart turns the big 5-0 today. I don't know country music very well, but I think her big hit was, "Why did you walk out on me when you could have gone around?"
Randy DeBarge hits the big 6-0 today. Yeah, we're scraping the bottom of the birthday barrel when we're mentioning one of the moderately successful members of a moderately successful music family. You caught us.
Peter Bonerz, Jerry the dentist on the old "Newhart" show, turns 80. There was a time when that was THE college drinking game. You'd take a shot whenever anyone would say, "Hi, Bob." Missed the end of a lot of good episodes.
Wiggle Your Toes Day -- Dr. Nancy Sax is an expert on feet analysis. Here's what she has to say about you and your toes:
  • Second toe larger than the others: You are dependable, conservative and you keep your emotions in check. You do well in the fields of medicine, banking and science. You're a good provider but don't expect any fireworks.
  • Big third toe: Hot headed, unpredictable, and a temper that can go off at any time.
  • Big baby toe: You're an eternal kid, always joyful and easygoing.
  • Long toes: Your are the thinkers of the world. Authors, philosophers and great world leaders have long toes.
  • Little toes: Timid yet not one to be backed against the wall. You can push it, but don't push it too far.
  • Wide feet: These are the hard workers of America with strong family values and ties to the church and community.
  • Narrow feet: Shy, quiet type who don't like to draw attention to themselves.
  • Webbed toes: Fun! These people are the life of the party and make great salesman and entertainers.


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