We're already a third of the way through August.
Justin Theroux, the former Mr. Jennifer Aniston, turns 47 today.
Antonio Banderas and his Puss 'n Boots, celebrate birthday number 58 today. Some know him as Melanie Griffith's ex or even Zorro... Every time I hear him speak, I think of a cat. He's not a fat cat, but he plays one in the Shrek movies.
Patti Austin celebrates her 68th birthday today. She spends a lot of time at Jazz concerts these days... sometimes, she even gets the tickets for free.
Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull turns 71 today... sitting in a trench coat... on a park bench.
National S'mores Day -- Family Circle asked readers: "What's your favorite way to make this classic treat?"
  • 53 percent said over a campfire
  • 26 percent said nuked in a microwave
  • 21 percent said on the grill after a barbecue

National Lazy Day -- What is this holiday for? To honor and enjoy a nice lazy day of doing nothing at all. Let this holiday be the day you forget all about your work, chores and errands. Let your mind and body be lazy for the whole day and re-energize your spirit. Let today be the day you find a new way to be lazy and enjoy every minute of it. So don't do the laundry, enjoy some lounging on the couch with the TV. Order take out or even better have it delivered. This summer has been so hot and muggy that I think we can all enjoy one day to just being lazy!
Top five signs we're getting too lazy:
  1. Ballparks that now let fans order food by text messages
  2. Campbell's Soup at Hand, packaged in insulated sipping cups
  3. Talking caller ID
  4. The smart den -- remote controlled lights, fireplace, fan, blinds, etc. from your phone
  5. Pooper-scooper services


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