Evva Lynch turns 27 today. If I say Luna, from the Harry Potter films... yeah, now you know who.

Rap singer Young Thug turns 27 today. I wonder if eventually he'll change his name to Old Thug?

Emily Robison of the Dixie Chicks is complaining about her 46th birthday today.

Steve Carell turns 56 today. I'm sure they're planning something at The Office. I'll bet the reason he still looks so young is that he waited until 40 to... well, you know.

Madonna turns the big 6-0 today, almost twice the age of her boy toys.
  • She used to be married to some director Guy named Ritchie... but I could never remember his first name.
  • By the way, what do you get for a girl who's had everyone?
  • You can tell the years are starting to catch up with her. At her last concert, she was wearing a support bustier.
  • Truthfully, the Material Girl should consider wearing more material.

James Cameron, who gave us "Aliens," "Titanic" and the "Terminator" movies, turns 64 today. He should combine all three of those and make a movie called, the Talienator. (TAY-lee-uh-naytor) It could be about a robotic Taylor Swift that seeks revenge on groping disc jockeys.

Kathie Lee Gifford turns 65 today. She's a co-host of the Kathie Lee and Hoda Show. Guess which one she is? Yes, becoming a successful daytime TV talk show host has been a long Hoda Road.


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