Demi Lovato turns 26 today. It wasn't easy.

Andrew Garfield, one of the many Spider-men from the big screen, turns 35 today. Ironically, Andrew
Spiderman, who is the voice of Garfield, also turns 35. OK, I made that second one up.

Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit turns 48 today.
  • Just two years away from AARP junk mail.
  • Their type of music was called Nu Metal... obviously created by people who are more into music than spelling.
  • You'd think in these days of Cialis and Viagra he could do something about a Limp Bizkit.

Peter Horton turns 63 today. To show how long it's been, his last great role was in the TV series "Thirty-Something."

Today Show weather guy, Al Roker, turns 64 today. Al Roker if you will. His waist at one time measured 50, now he's turned that in years. He really is half the man he used to be.

Rock royalty Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin turns the big 7-0. Please don't get him a 'Kashmir' sweater. It's been done. He's not on the Stairway to Heaven yet, but he is standing in front of the store directory.

Don King, the boxing promoter, is still around and turns 87 today. He's still got that "Viagra hair."


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