August 21st -- just 10 days remaining in the month!

 Hayden Panettiere celebrates number 29 today.
I always thought her name sounded like a resort in France.
One of the few Hollywood starlets today who's name could be used in a spelling bee.
I've always felt she had a name that sounded more like a quarterback.

Carrie-Anne Moss turns 51 today.
She was the female lead in the Matrix movies and, of course, went on to becoming known as the woman in the Matrix movies.
Technically, I believe she was the first to find Nemo. Oh, wait. That was Neo. Never mind.
She's going to blow out her candles, but in slow motion.
The only Neo she sees these days has a last name of Sporin.

The former quarterback of the Super Bowl Champion Chicago Bears, Jim McMahon, turns 59 today. Shouldn't that be 49? I mean, in football, once you cross the 50 the numbers start going down again.

Kim Cattrall from "Sex and the City" turns 62 today. She's getting close to the age where she could become a Grand Cougar.

Jackie DeShannon turns 77 today. I still don't know what the "D" stands for.

Clarence Williams III, who played Link on the original "Mod Squad" TV series, turns 79 today. Back in his day, he was the replacement for hip... today, he's heading towards hip replacement.

Kenny Rogers turns the big 8-0 today. He's had so many facelifts that when his chin itches, he scratches his back.


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