Britain's Princess Beatrice Elizabeth Mary celebrates the big 3-0 today. If you're getting her a gift, please consider some fashion sense (or a better-looking hat!)

Garfield's sidekick, Odie, is 40 today. Someone get him a cartoon bone. That's 280 in comic dog years.

Boy band birthday day -- Drew Lachey of 98-degrees and J.C. Chasez of 'N SYNC both turn 42 today. No wonder I always had such a hard time telling those two groups apart.

Deborah Norville of Inside Edition is 60 today! The untold, shocking story. And she'll be celebrating... on the next "Inside Edition!"

Donny Most, Ralph Malph of Happy Days, turns 65 today. Plans to just hang at home, waiting for the next reunion phone call. A guy in his 60s who starred in a show in the 70s that took place in the 50s.
He plans to spend a quiet evening, celebrating at Arnold's.

Howard Stern's news sidekick, Robin Quivers, celebrates 66 today. And that's the news.

Dustin Hoffman turns 81 today. I need to watch "Tootsie" again.

Admit You're Happy Day -- To encourage people to think more about the "what's right's" in life as
proclaimed by the Secret Society of Happy People. The Society began in 1998 to encourage people to identify and talk about more of their happy moments-and to discourage parade-raining (unnecessary communication).


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