Anna Kendrick turns 33 today... in non-vampire years. She was Jessica in the Twilight movies.

Rap singer Mack 10 turns 47. Ironically, rap singer Mack 47 turns 10.

Gillian Anderson from "The X-Files" hits the big 5-0 today. Or, so she says. Yes, the truth is out there, Scully. The star of "The X-Files" has quite a few of her own ex-files.

Eric Bana turns the big 5-0 49 today. He was played "The Hulk" and spent all the money he earned replacing the shirts he rips when transforming. Imagine how expensive it would be. Every time you transform, you rip through your clothes. There goes another wardrobe.

Whitney Houston would have been 55 today. It's already been six years since she died.

Hoda Kotb turns 54 today. Not Today Show today, just today.

Melanie Griffith... or, as she's known today, Dakota Johnson's mom -- turns 61 today.

Actor Sam Elliott turns 74 today. He's the "Beef -- it's what's for dinner" guy now. His voice is so low, when he speaks his socks vibrate.


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