Men's Health tally up the tab at your favorite watering holes here's what they found:
  • 18 is the average guy's age when he first swaggered into a bar
  • 50% of men are known by name at their local haunt
  • 47,041 bars beckoning to guys in the U.S.
  • La Crosse, WI, is the city with the most drinking spots per residents
  • $46 is the bill after a typical bar visits
  • $275 is the financial hangover he suffered on his wildest night out
  • 40% of guys wild night included taking a body shot off a female
  • 69% of men say they're carded occasionally
  • 42% of guys say they've flashed a fake ID
  • 70% of guys feel anxious approaching women in bars
  • 25% of men say they met their wives in a bar
  • 50% of bar fights are started over a woman
  • 48% of men have duked it out in a bar
  • 20% of bar fights result in an ER visit
  • 4% of men admit their favorite bar is a strip joint
  • 120 decibels is the average level in a bar
  • 125 decibels is the level at which your eardrums ache
  • 27% increase in the pace of alcohol consumption when the music is loud
  • 503,420 is the number of U.S. bartenders working to keep up with that pace
  • $9.84 is the average hourly wage of a bartender including tips
  • 5 is the average numbers of drinks served to each patron
  • 25% of guys have paid bills by serving drinks
  • 40% of men say their lifelong dream is to open a bar
  • Sports Bar is the type of bar they'd most like to open
  • 19% of men admit to ducking out on a bar tab
  • 86% of men have stopped a friend from driving home drunk
  • 55% of men admit to having their own keys taken away by a friend
  • 51% of guys have been thrown out of a bar
  • 60% of men have capped off a night a bar with a one night stand


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