Oops! Kidney Edition. 

When Dena Knapp went to Avera McKennan Hospital in Sioux Falls, S.D., she was supposed to have an adrenal gland and associated mass removed. Instead, Dr. Scott Baker removed her healthy right kidney! Her lawsuit claims that Baker was told by the hospital pathology department after the Oct. 5, 2016, surgery that he removed the kidney and not the glands. However, two days later he told Knapp that he hadn't heard from pathology. Knapp says that Baker then called her on Oct. 11 and said that she would need a second surgery because "he did not get everything." Knapp basically said no thanks and had the gland and mass removed by a Mayo Clinic surgeon. According to the suit, Knapp now suffers from incurable, progressive kidney disease in her remaining kidney, as well as pain, fatigue and, depression. The whole thing has resulted in expenses of more than $96,000 and lost income of $42,000 and counting. Also, according to the suit, Knapp "has been unable to perform many functions and has required replacement services to clean and maintain her home, the past and future cost of which is yet to be determined." (USA Today)

KiKi Challenge - Still!

Brazen Antwan Mims used to be on the FBI's ten most wanted. He's not now because the FBI caught him in Georgia. He's suspected of killing two people at a house party in March. However, while he was being escorted from a plane to an SUV by law enforcement officials at Southwest Michigan Regional Airport, he noticed TV cameras rolling and decided this would be a good time to do the KiKi challenge. So he made a heart gesture with his hands, and pretended to drive a car, just like other Drake fans who attempt the move to the rapper's latest single In My Feelings. The stunt did not go down well with Benton Harbor Director of Public Safety Dan McGinnis who told reporters, "It's almost like it was a joke. He's taken two people's lives." Instagram Shiggy kicked off the KiKi challenge last month, after dancing to In My Feelings ‘are you riding' lyric by pretending to steer a car. Celebrities including Will Smith have since attempted it, with Drake himself thanking Shiggy for the interpretation after meeting him, saying: "Man got me a No.1 record today. Oh my God!" But police have urged participants to be cautious after a new version of the challenge saw passengers climb out of moving cars, with videos circulating the internet purporting to show KiKi dancers severely injured by such stunts. FYI - Mr. Mims won't be getting bail. (Metro)

Don't Call Me Mormon!

"The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Tabernacle Choir" isn't a name that exactly rolls off the tongue, but the Mormon Tabernacle Choir might have to adopt it. Russell T. Nelson, the church's president, has announced the church is launching a major campaign to have the full name of the church used instead of abbreviations like "Mormon" or "LDS Church." Nelson says, "The Lord has impressed upon my mind the importance of the name He has revealed for His Church, even The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints." Ironically, the statement was released through a publication called Mormon Newsroom, which we assume will soon be changing its name. Mormon blogger Steve Evans tells the Salt Lake Tribune that while he respects Nelson's view of the name as sacred, he thinks the campaign will probably just confuse outsiders. "I do think it makes us look a little persnickety," he says. (Desert News) .

I Spy with My Little Eye

Nearly everyone who wears contacts has fallen asleep with their lenses in at one point or another, but very few people can say they've done so for almost 30 years straight. It apparently happened to a 42-year-old woman from the UK, who, since she was 14, has had a contact lens lodged under the lid of her left upper eyelid without even knowing it. The problem finally came to light after she experienced a swollen and droopy eyelid for about six months, and when she finally went to get it checked out, an MRI scan revealed a cyst just above her left eye. Doctors went in to remove the cyst and found a hard contact lens that predates the softer ones most people use today. As everyone scratched their heads as to why she would have this type of lens in her eye, her mother remembered that when her daughter was 14, she'd been slammed in the eye by a badminton birdie while wearing her contacts and suffered minor injuries that fully healed. They all just figured her lost contact had popped out and dropped to the ground. Since the lens has been removed, the woman's more recent eye problems have dissipated.(BuzzFeed)

Smile Pretty!

In Nebraska, 26-year-old Ivy Moore apparently flew into a jealous rampage and got into a fight with her boyfriend. At one point she asked the boyfriend to leave, but just as he was packing up his things, she allegedly grabbed a sword, swung at him, and sliced his thumb! Moore ended up calling 911 around 3am to say that her boyfriend was refusing to leave her apartment. By the time officers arrived on the scene, the man had been wounded with cuts to his wrists and had blood on his shirt. Moore was arrested and now faces charges of 2nd-degree domestic assault and use of a weapon to commit a felony. But the weirdest part was the mug shot. Moore, apparently pleased with herself, gives the biggest smile you've ever seen. Looks a lot more like she just won the lottery than was arrested for a felony. Police believe she had been drinking heavily. (Daily Mail)

Those Colorado Pot Smokers Are Helping the Homeless

How about this for an unexpected benefit to smoking pot: Colorado is using $3 Million from its marijuana tax to provide food and housing for the homeless! In the most recent financial year, ending in June 2016, the state made nearly $70 million in pot tax revenue. In fact, revenue gained through taxation was one of the key arguments for legalizing the stuff. Now Aurora, the third largest city in Colorado, will be using over a third of the $4.5 million gained through the "weed tax" to support local not-for-profit homeless organizations. Over the course of the next three years, a total of over $3 million will be given to a series of groups across the city, all of which work tirelessly to provide hostels and food for the homeless community. With over 1000 homeless people on the streets of Aurora, the move definitely shows a quantifiable and positive impact on the lives of people across the city from marijuana legalization. (

What the What?
New Jersey, 29-year-old Wlodzimie Lapkiewicz has been arrested for allegedly smuggling several species of wildlife into the country, including endangered scorpions and millipedes! He allegedly shipped them to New Jersey from places like Tanzania, and falsely labeled the packages to avoid detection. Authorities say Lapkiewicz was twice warned about his actions, and federal investigators eventually learned he was selling the creatures through his Facebook page. So if your friend puts up an add on Facebook selling scorpions, does that get a "like" or a "wow"? (


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