Who Knows What's Dirtier Than a Toilet Seat?

Wanna know what's dirtier than a toilet seat. That would be the average smartphone screen! Yep, the fine folks at Insurance2go swabbed three different handsets - an iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S8 and Google Pixel - to find out how much bacteria each accumulated. They found quantities of yeast, mold and aerobic bacteria in all areas of the phones which isn't surprising when you realize the average person touches their phone screen 3,000 times a day. Even worse - about a third of the folks NEVER clean their phones. On average, each device had 84.9 units of infection while the average toilet seat contains about 24 units. An office keyboard and mouse has five. Luckily, cleaning your phone ain't that hard! Specialists recommend using a lint-free cloth sprayed with some diluted alcohol solution wiped across the front and back of the phone. Doing this once a week is all it takes to keep your phone bacteria-free. (Metro)

The Latest Wedding Trend?

Of course every bride wants to look amazing on her wedding day. But a new trend to keep all eyes focused on her involves changing up their hair halfway through the wedding. So, the bride starts the day with long, luscious locks that flow down her back and end it with a much shorter style. Believe it or not, some women are now choosing to get their hair cut on their wedding day, during the short window of time between the wedding ceremony and the reception. One brave bride, named Kayla, opted to chop off her long blonde hair right after the best man's speech and just before her first dance. Her sister, AJ Palace, is a trained hairdresser and dry cut her hair in about 10 minutes in a small back room, allowing Kayla to make a second grand entrance - and even her husband Griffin didn't know what was going on. AJ said it gave Kayla a "new energy" and made her much more confident. She added, "More than half my brides cut off their hair immediately after their wedding. If you're planning on cutting your hair after the wedding - why not just do it at the wedding, and make it the coolest second-look reveal?" (Mirror)

The Eagles Soar Past Michael Jackson

Some may still consider Michael Jackson the King of Pop, but he no longer has the bestselling album of all time. The Eagles' greatest hits album has moonwalked past MJ's "Thriller" to become history's new best-selling album of all-time. The Recording Industry Association of America said on Monday that the Eagles' album - "Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975" - is now certified 38x platinum, which means sales and streams of the album have reached 38 million copies. The album was released in 1976 and pushes Jackson's "Thriller," which is 33x platinum, to second place. RIAA also said that the Eagles' "Hotel California," released in 1977, is now 26x platinum and makes it the third best-selling album of all-time. The last time RIAA tallied sales for the Eagles' greatest hits album was in 2006, when it said it was 29x platinum. Sales and streams for "Thriller" were last updated last year. In a statement, Don Henley said, "We are grateful for our families, our management, our crew, the people at radio and, most of all, the loyal fans who have stuck with us through the ups and downs of 46 years. It's been quite a ride." The Eagles, who formed in Los Angeles in the early 1970s, mastered the mix of rock 'n' roll and country music, and the band's hits - including "Hotel California" and "Take It Easy - became part of the soundtrack of that decade. They broke up in 1980, coming back together 14 years later with Henley and Glenn Frey being the only remaining original members. Frey died in 2016, but the Grammy-winning band remains on tour. The band was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1998 and received the Kennedy Center Honor in 2016. (Star Tribune)

Don't Play with Fire!

A young Victorian family has lost everything in a house fire after a four-year-old boy lit a piece of paper on the stove. The parents were cooking dinner at the home, in Epping, England, when they stepped outside for a cigarette. That's when their small son used the kitchen stove to light a piece of paper on fire. He then took the flaming sheet of paper to the bedroom and lit the bed sheets on fire. Neighbor Kevin Potter said the boy came running into his house in tears, as the blaze engulfed the property. Firefighters had to wear breathing apparatus while attacking the blaze which ultimately destroyed the home. Neighbors said the boy had tried to set the house on fire before. The mother kept asking him, "Why did you do it? Why did you light the house on fire? We've lost everything.'" (9 News)

The Usain Bolt of Pugs!

They're calling her the Usain Bolt of pugs! Sixty dogs competed for the title of Berlin's fastest pug and four and a half-year old frontrunner Emma, the 2016 and 2017 winner, defended her title again this year. She finished the 50-meter dash in 5.87 seconds, making a spokesperson of the event call her the "Usain Bolt of pugs." The remaining competitors needed up to 40 seconds to run across the track, getting distracted on their way, or just not being in the same athletic shape as Emma. In front of a cheering crowd, Emma received a medal, trophy and pillow for her third win in a row. (FOX News)

Now That's a Biker!

Kyle Messier, a 31-year-old bike mechanic, recently won the Big Red Gravel Run, a 100 kilometer bike race that takes place in Harrington, Quebec. But what makes the win so unbelievable is that just prior to the race, Kyle pedaled more than 650 kilometers (217 miles) to the race site, and a few hours after winning he got back on his bike and pedaled back home to Waterloo! Messier's journey from Waterloo to Harrington took him 3.5 days to complete. After winning first place in the rural cycling race, he celebrated with some pizza, slept for a few hours in his tent, and then got started on the 3.5-day journey back home. And it gets even more remarkable still; Kyle was not only completely new to bicycle racing, but he also managed to win the 100-kilometer Big Red Gravel Run while suffering from an abscessed tooth! So what's his secret? He says he used a technique known as active meditation to help him secure this impressive win. When done correctly, the mind will focus only on performing that physical action and nothing else. All other thoughts will disappear and you will feel as though you are "lost in time." (Oddity Central)


Meanwhile in India, the good people of Pimple Saudagar woke up to 300 posters, signs and billboards all carrying the same mysterious message and a heart sign. The message was an apology and the huge stunt was orchestrated by 25-year-old Nilesh Khedekar who later explained that he had had a big argument with his girlfriend, Shivde, and was trying to do something creative to earn her forgiveness, like putting up hundreds of posters and signs on the route she would return on from Mumbai. Unfortunately for Nilesh, his plan didn't work out quite the way he wanted. After spending about $1,000 to have the posters printed and put up around town, all he had to show for it was a formal complaint from local authorities for defacing public property. Nilesh said, "The entire thing has turned ugly. My idea was to be creative in apologizing to her. Now I think I shouldn't have done it in the first place. I have let my parents down. I have let her and her family down as well." No word on whether Shivde has actually forgiven the hero of our story. (Oddity Central)

What the What?

An argument between two golfers at the Southers Marsh Golf Club in Plymouth, Massachusetts turned bloody when one of the men bit off the other player's finger at the knuckle! No kidding! Police were called for a report of an "altercation" between two players, Plymouth Police Chief Michael Botieri said when they arrived, they found one man suffering a "bite injury to the hand." A 47-year-old man, who was not identified, was arrested at the scene and charged with mayhem. (Boston 25 News)


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