HGTV Gets Brady Bunch House
The "Brady Bunch House" has sold and no - it's not Lance Bass - it's HGTV. David Zaslav, CEO of parent company Discovery (which owns HGTV) said, "I'm excited to share that HGTV is the winning bidder and we'll restore the home to its 1970s glory as only HGTV can." Zaslav added, "We'll bring all the resources to bear to tell safe, fun stories with this beloved piece of American TV history." The Los Angeles home at 11222 Dilling Street, whose exterior featured in The Brady Bunch, was described as "featuring perfectly preserved 1970's décor." Last sold for $60,000 in 1973, it was listed for $1.9 million. It's believed to have gone for much more than that, though. On Instagram, a "heartbroken" Lance Bass of NSYNC said his offer on the house, "which was WAY over the asking price," was initially accepted before another party offered to buy the place "at any cost." (CNN)

Trump's Hollywood Star Has to Go?
It's unanimous, at least in the West Hollywood City Council: The group has voted to get rid of President Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the resolution urges the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and the City of Los Angeles to remove the star, which has been the target of repeated vandalism. The group says they didn't pass the nonbinding resolution "because Donald Trump is a conservative or a Republican," rather stating: "Earning a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is an honor. When one belittles and attacks minorities, immigrants, Muslims, people with disabilities, or women-the honor no longer exists." Trump received the star in 2007 for his work on The Apprentice and the Miss Universe pageants, among other achievements. But if you're a Trump fan don't worry - it ain't a done deal by any stretch. The Walk of Fame isn't under West Hollywood's jurisdiction-the city of Los Angeles claims that duty, via the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. Past stances from the chamber suggest Trump's star is there for the long haul. "Once a star has been added to the walk, it is considered a part of the historic fabric of the Hollywood Walk of Fame," the chamber's president said in 2015, noting a star had never been removed. Protests to remove stars for Bill Cosby and Kevin Spacey were also shut down. Mark Hamill's suggestion to replace Trump's star: Give the space to Carrie Fisher. (Los Angeles Times)

Man Shot for Trying to Save Abused Puppy
In Tennessee, 37-year-old Robert Wilson tried to stop a man who was abusing a puppy and got shot for his troubles. The shooter was allegedly holding a Yorkshire terrier puppy by the throat outside the extended-stay hotel room in Smyrna they'd been living in while looking for an apartment. According to Wilson's fiancée, Sue Hoskins, Wilson said to the man, "Why are you doing that?" and the guy said it was his puppy and he just shot him!" Hoskins tried to stop the bleeding after Wilson was shot in the chest but the shot proved fatal. The suspect, 35-year-old Donavous Jerome Drennon, surrendered to police last week and was charged with criminal homicide. Rick Wilson, Robert Wilson's father, said his son got his love of animals from his late mother-and like her, he will have an animal on his tombstone. The puppy was turned over to Rutherford County PAWS, and Hoskins hopes she'll be allowed to adopt it. Jennifer Matzek, fiancee of Matt Wilson, Robert Wilson's younger brother said, "We feel like Rob is kind of a part of that dog now, since he died to save it." Matt Wilson has started a GoFundMe campaign to help Hoskins. (Tennessean)

The Dream Job of Dream Jobs
If you love Nutella, your dream job is waiting. Ferrero, the Italian company that makes Nutella is hiring dozens of "non-professional" testers to help them test ingredients at their Italy headquarters in Alba, Piedmont. Officially dubbed "sensory judges," the 60 new employees will work a couple of days a week starting in late September with three months of courses designed to help them refine their tasting and smelling skills to the company's satisfaction. So what are the requirements other than a love for the vaunted hazelnut spread? There really aren't any. Ferrero has long had these sensory judges, but the recent job posting was advertised specifically for regular folks outside the company after being exclusively held by company insiders for years. Ferrero asks only that applicants suffer from no food allergies and feel comfortable using a computer. Not everyone who's initially chosen will make the final cut, though. The company plans to whittle down applicants to a final group of 40 following the training process. (USA Today)

You Can't Afford a Ferrari - Or the Book About Them!
Okay - it may be no surprise that you can't afford a new Ferrari - but chances are you also can't afford the new book about the history of the iconic sports car brand. That's because this limited edition book will cost you $30,000! Before you freak out about the price, you should know that it includes a beautifully sculptured steel and chrome book stand, as well as an aluminum display. Together, the two artistic pieces created by designer Marc Newson are supposed to emulate the legendary Ferrari 12-cylinder engine. Titled simply Ferrari, the book itself is described as a "massive tome" (514 pages) and includes loads of photographs from the Ferrari archive that tell the history of the luxury Italian brand. A total of 1,947 books will be sold, out of which only 250 come with the $30,000 price tag. These ultra-rare items will only be offered to museums and veteran Ferrari collectors with an impressive history of owning the brand's sports cars. So even if you have money to burn, unless certain conditions are met, you won't be able to get your hands on one. Fortunately for you, you can still get one of the other 1,697 copies of the limited-edition books at just $6,000. Sadly, they only come with an aluminum case. (Oddity Central)

Haunted Asylum for Sale
Okay - so you didn't get the Brady Bunch house. Well, there's still the Sainte-Clotilde-de-Horton asylum - considered to be one of the most famous haunted buildings in Canada - and it's now up for sale. The old asylum, located near Victoriaville, Quebec can now be purchased for a little more than $2.8 million. It was built in 1939, was ravaged by fire in 1959 and again in 1988. At least eight people lost their lives. Since then, the asylum has been the source of curiosity among tourists and ghost hunters alike. In its online listing, Re/Max Quebec says the property includes several buildings that "require important renovations" such as an old orphanage, a garage warehouse and three chalets. As part of the deal, the next owner will also have up to 270 acres of land at their disposal. (Global News)

What the What?
A 12th-century sculpture at Santiage de Compostela cathedral in Spain has been vandalized - by a Kiss fan. Yep, someone painted the face of the ancient statue to resemble the cat makeup worn originally by Peter Cris and now by Kiss drummer Eric Singer. The even wrote the word "Kiss" to make sure you don't make the mistake of thinking the vandal is a cat-lover. But whoever the rock-lover is, he or she may have much regret if they are captured by police. They could be fined up to $175,000. The regional government's Head of Culture, Roman Rodriguez said, "We will do everything we can to track down the person responsible for this authentic atrocity." Police are currently analyzing CCTV video footage. Just last month, American rock band Kiss headlined the Resurrection Fest in the nearby town of Viveiro in Lugo. (Metro)


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