• Sources say that Mrs. Biden is all for Joe making a run for president.
  • John Travolta and Kelly Preston's marriage may be in the final months. She's said to be tired of being thought as the na├»ve wife who doesn't realize her husband is really gay.
  • The Emmys the other night were all about "Game of Thrones," which won 12 of the awards, the most ever by any show in one night.
  • A Seattle sea otter has learned to use an inhaler to help with its asthma.
  • Tiger Woods has undergone another back surgery and won't play again until 2016.
  • A Massachusetts town is holding a "pity party" to cheer up sad people.
  • A Twitter study claims that liberals are more likely to swear than conservatives.
  • Kid Rock was called for jury duty in Detroit.
  • Oscar Mayer has released Sizzl, a dating app for bacon lovers.
  • David Allan Coe, the writer of the famous country song "Take This Job and Shove It," was charged with tax evasion and owes the IRS almost half a million dollars.
  • Britain's longest-serving dominatrix is retiring at the age of 66.
  • Jack Larsen, who played Jimmy Olsen in the old TV series, "The Adventures of Superman" has died at age 87.


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