Men are often perceived as selfish, but a Men's Health survey shows their more generous side. Two-thirds of American households chip in, donating an average of $2,000 annually. But is cash the best contribution, or is your time more valuable?
  • 52% of men consider themselves equally charitable as the average guy.
  • 36% of men spend from 1 to 4 hours a week volunteering.
  • 46% of men volunteer to help others.
  • 36% of men say they do not volunteer because they are too busy with work.
  • 30% of men say they do not volunteer because they have on desire.
  • 77% say they would support a community service requirement for high school students.
  • 75% say they would not support a mandatory 1 year stint in a civic program for everyone.
  • 29% of men think generous women are hot.
  • 59% of men think it's a nice bonus if a woman is generous.
  • 67% of men would rather have $10,000 donated in their name than win $1,000 for themselves.
  • 49% of men think celebrities and athletes donate to charity to boost their images.
  • 51% of men think stealing from a charity is worse than stealing from wealthy people or institutions.


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