• Earlier this month, a man who attended a Syracuse football game wrote a letter to the editor of a local newspaper, saying the "Kiss Cam" encourages male entitlement and sexual assault. Since then: no kiss cam at the Carrier Dome.
  • Air India plans on introducing the world's longest commercial airline flight: an 18-hour, 8,700 mile marathon between Bengaluru and San Francisco.
  • Simon Cowell says he took a genetic test that says he will live for another 40 years.
  • Arkansas has been ranked with the highest adult obesity rate in the nation at 36%.
  • An English woman who was vomiting 100 times a day has finally been cured.
  • The Beatles' 1962 contract with manager Brian Epstein is up for auction. The contract called for any of the members to be removed if two or four members wanted them out.
  • "Duck Dynasty" star Willie Robertson says he is backing Donald Trump for President.
  • Paula Deen and her husband Michael Groover have called off their divorce, or at least arranged a cease-fire, so that they can focus on their son's wedding.
  • Joe Biden has two weeks to declare he's a candidate for president if he'd like to be in on the first Democratic Debate on CNN.
  • '80s sweetheart Meg Ryan is said to be in financial ruins. Add to that, she was dating John Mellencamp before he decided to dump her for Christy Brinkley.
  • Hunter, the 19-year-old son of Eddie Montgomery -- half of Montgomery Gentry -- died over the weekend... the result of injuries suffered in an accident.
  • Kaley Cuoco announced her divorce from her husband, Ryan Sweeting, on Friday. Wedding ring's gone... she's single! That's less than two years, for those of you in the pool.
  • Pink Floyd's Roger Walters is splitting from his wife of 10 years, Laurie Durning.
  • You'll hear a lot about "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" this year because it's celebrating its 40th anniversary.
  • South African comedian Trevor Noah began filling Jon Stewart's shoes last night, debuting as the new host of "The Daily Show."
  • Danny Pintauro, who was a child actor on the old TV series, "Who's The Boss?" has revealed that he's HIV-positive.
  • A woman gave birth at San Diego's Petco Park during last Thursday's Giants-Padres game.
  • Less than two months after being released, Windows 10 has passed 100 million installs.
  • Whole Foods is going to cut 1500 jobs over the next 8 weeks.
  • Just in time for Halloween, Burger King is going to start serving hamburgers with black buns... that have A-1 Steak Sauce baked right into the buns.
  • There's a high school football player in Southern California that is 7-feet tall and weighs 440-pounds.


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