Women are so obsessed with their bodies - BODY LANGUAGE

Women are so obsessed with their bodies -- in a negative, unhealthy way -- that half of them admit to lying about their weight and almost a third cut the size labels out of their clothing. What's more, the average woman wants to lose 19 pounds. That's the word from a poll of more than 5,000 women for Britain's Grazia magazine that found that only one in 50 women is actually happy with the way her body looks. Perhaps the most alarming findings are that most women worry about their body every 15 minutes, while almost one-third worry about how they look "every waking minute," reports the BBC News.
Here are other findings from the Grazia poll:
  • Seven out of 10 women think life would improve if they had a "better" body.
  • If a woman steps on the scale in the morning and sees she is two pounds heavier, it can ruin her day.
  • Women have tried a range of extreme measures, including laxatives and fasting, to lose weight.
  • Virtually all the respondents said they had dieted at one point in their lives with 41 percent admitting they constantly watch what they eat.

What are the most hated body parts?
  • Thighs, 87 percent
  • Waist, 79 percent
  • Breasts, 65 percent
  • Feet, 65 percent
  • Face, 59 percent
  • Teeth, 57 percent

What body parts do women like? Only one: Fifty-four percent cited their "slimmish ankles." Because women are so harshly critical of their bodies, their relationship with food is filled with contradictions. Grazia editor Jane Bruton told the BBC News, "We might have a Diet Coke with a doughnut or skip lunch because we're going out for dinner. Many women are constantly thinking 'Shall I eat it? Shall I not eat it?'"


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