Lord of the Crows

Lord of the Crows
Now for your feel good story of the day. All we know is the man has a Snap Chat account and recently documented an amazing tale of a good deed. The man recently came across a crow with his head stuck in a fence. So he carefully freed the suffering bird, decided to name it Russell (after that guy from Gladiator) and nurse it back to health. Once restored to health, the inevitable heartbreaking moment comes when the crow and his Good Samaritan have to part ways. Apparently it's not only elephants who never forget-- also crows. Russell came back to thank the man, bringing with him a whole flock of his friends. It seemed a little creepy at first but the murder of crows, as they are properly called, just hung out in the guy's backyard and fence for a while before taking off again. Kind of just a crowey way of saying, thanks bro. (Metro)


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