On this date in 1452, the very first book was published, Johann Guttenberg's Bible.
  • Critics were afraid to say anything about. However, it instantly went to number one on the best-seller's list... until a second book was published.
  • It probably would have sold a lot more copies if the majority of the population knew how to read.
  • However, none of the authors were present for the party.
  • Needless to say, it went to #1 immediately on Amazon's top 100.
  • Actually, for a while, it was just the Top 1.
  • The local library was thrilled. They finally had something to lend out.

In 1846, ether was used for an operation for the very first time. After the doctor kept falling asleep during the procedure, it was decided that it should be for the patient next time.
On this date in 1894, the safety pin was invented by James Hunt, who at the age of only 14 months, was sick and tired of having his diapers glued on.
In 1902, a patent was given for Rayon... to the Rayola company. They're the ones with the sharpener built-in to the back of the box. And, as you know, everybody loves Rayon.
On this date in 1906, the New York Central Railroad began using electric locomotives and very, very long extension chords.
In 1927, Babe Ruth hit his record-establishing 60th home run. The record stood for years. But the way Babe drank, he didn't.
On this date back in 1939, a college football game was televised for the very first time - Fordham vs Waynesburg.

  • It was number one in it's time slot. Of course, it was the only thing in it's time slot.
  • The only reason those two teams were "The Game of the Week" was because it was the only "Game of the Week" on TV.
  • Not very many people tuned in, mostly because no one had a TV set.
  • It was on that same day that the phrase, "Honey, can't it wait until halftime?" was first spoken.


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