Pope Beer!

Pope Beer!
It started out as a lark inspired by the mayhem over Pope Francis' visit to Philadelphia: a limited-run beer for the local bars with a playful name and a label showing the pontiff raising a gold-hued goblet of the stuff. The beer is called Holy Wooder, a powerful Belgian-style tripel, and believe it or not, the seminary hosting Pope Francis this past weekend called to say it wanted some, too. The Philadelphia Brewing Company gladly obliged, delivering a half-keg to St. Charles Borromeo Seminary, just outside the city limits. The Archdiocese of Philadelphia confirmed the order. Brewere co-owner Bill Barton said, "We don't usually do home deliveries, but we made an exception." Francis slept at the seminary, located on a pastoral 75 acres, and returned there to rest between events. Archdiocese spokesman Ken Gavin said Thursday that having the beer on tap at St. Charles is a fun way for seminarians to celebrate the pope's visit. (myway.com)


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