• The U.S. buys up almost 75% of the world's diamonds. (B.S., but we do buy up 50%)
  • Halle Berry was originally offered the part of Annie, played by Sandra Bullock in the film "Speed." (Yes, and Stephen Baldwin was first offered the part of Jack played by Keanu Reeves)
  • Most dinosaurs were no bigger than chickens. (Yes, sure you always hear about T-Rex and the brontosaurs, but the vast majority of the species were quite small)
  • The Statue of Liberty has a thirty-five-foot-thick waist. (Yes)
  • The state capital that is closest to the equator is Honolulu, Hawaii. (Yes)
  • In terms of revenue, FedEx is the nation's largest transport company. (B.S., it's UPS, United Parcel Service)
  • The Untouchables (1987) was the story of John Gotti. (B.S., It was about Eliot Ness, played by Kevin Costner)
  • The main leading man (actor) in "The War of the Roses", "Disclosure" and "Wall Street" was Charlie Sheen. (B.S., it was Michael Douglas)
  • The toy logs that have amused generations of American kids were named after president Lincoln. (Yes)
  • In comic books, the secret identity of the Incredible Hunk was Dr. Bruce Banner. (Yes)
  • "Ants", a 1995 Walt Disney movie was the first entirely computer-generated film. (B.S., it was "Toy Story")
  • The Miss America contest award that goes to the contestant best liked by her peers is called "Miss Congeniality". (Yes)
  • The words that were always announced over the PA system at the end of an Elvis Presley concert were, "Goodnight and Goodluck." (B.S., it was "Elvis has left the building".)
  • The only state named for another country is Virginia. (B.S., it is New Mexico)
  • The two fictional boy detectives, The Hardy Boys, lived in the town of Bay Port. (Yes)
  • The FBI building in D.C. is named for longtime FBI director J.Edgar Hoover. (Yes)
  • Lassie was the famous dog of the movies that was found in a foxhole in World War I. (B.S., it was Rin Tin Tin)
  • The major change in American paychecks that began in July 1943 was the withholding of Federal Income Tax. (Yes)


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