There are 46 miles of it in your body. Think you know everything there is to know about yourself? Here are some interesting facts concerning your body that you may not be aware of:

  • Your fingernails grow four times faster than your toenails.
  • It's impossible to sneeze without closing your eyes.
  • Your right lung holds more air than your left one.
  • If you're a woman, your body will produce 7 million egg cells over your lifetime.
  • You and other average folks have 4.4 pounds of bacteria living inside you.
  • At least 40,000 of those bacteria reside in your mouth.
  • There are more than 100 viruses that can cause a runny nose.
  • If you have blue eyes, you are more sensitive to pain than others.
  • If you're not color blind, your eyes can detect 10 million hues.
  • Your brain generates more electrical impulses each day than all the telephones in the world put together.
  • Normally, you will breathe at least 23,000 times in a day.
  • You were born with 300 bones in your body, but as an adult you have only 206.
  • The strongest muscle in your body is your tongue.
  • When you were first born, you had 14 billion cells in your brain, the most you ever had. After age 25, you lose 100,000 brain cells per day and approximately 70 of your brain cells died off while you were listening to this.
  • Right now, your small intestines are about 8.5 feet long. After death and the muscles relax, they reach over 19 feet.
  • Women blink their peepers twice as often as do men.
  • Your red blood cells live approximately three to four months, but your white ones last a mere two to four days.
  • You didn't grow your kneecaps until you were at least age 2, or later.
  • Humans are the only animals with the ability to draw a straight line.
  • Smile. If you did, you just exercised 17 muscles in your face.
  • It's easy for your lungs to handle all the air the surface area is equal to that of a tennis court.
  • On average, you will grow 450 miles of hair in your lifetime.
  • You will bend your fingers about 25 million times in your life.
  • There are 80,000 genes found in human DNA.


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