Hillary Duff is 28. Just can't get enough of that Duff. Seems like she's been around so long, she should be 40. Did someone quit counting for a while?
Naomi Watts turns 47 today. That drying up sound you hear are from the movie roles she won't be getting.
Moon Unit Zappa turns 48 today. Wouldn't you think by this age, you might consider changing your name to... oh... anything else? Her big time was back in the days of the Valley Girl. Totally, for sure.
Mira Sorvino turns 48 today. I've got a picture of her hanging up, just so I can wake up every morning and say, "Mira, Mira, on the wall.."
Janeane Garofalo celebrates her 51st birthday today. She's so far to the left, when she makes a movie, they have to put her on the far right side of the camera just get her in the middle.
Former NFL player and congressman Steve Largent turns 61 today. During his hay day, he caught more passes than a group of Clinton interns at a wine tasting.

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