No matter how big your chest, narrow your shoulders or curvy your hips, you will always look good if you dress for your specific body type. That means you pay less attention to what is in style and more attention to which styles are right for you, according to Melissa Kirsch, author of "The Girl's Guide to Absolutely Everything." Here are the elements for a perfect wardrobe based on nine body types:

1. Big Chest
Wear low and open necklines, jackets with top buttons just under the bust and tailored tops in muted colors. Don't wear backless tops, jewelry that falls over the chest or big T-shirts.

2. Shoulders Narrower Than Your Hips
Go for shirts with boat necks, wide V-necks and belted jackets. Avoid raglan sleeves, halter tops and A-line dresses.

3. Wide Arms
Opt for loose, straight sleeves or fluted sleeves. Choose blouses with interesting cuffs. And don't forget the earrings! Make sure you don't wear cap sleeves or sleeves that are too tight.

4. Shoulders Broader than Your Hips
Choose flared skirts or boot-cut pants that will offer a counterpoint to your shoulders. While halter tops look super on you, don't wear spaghetti straps, strapless tops or pencil skirts.

5. Wide Backside
Wear simple proportional pockets and flared pants, but avoid prints in the area of the buttocks, big back pockets and tight pants.

6. Flat Chest
Select fabrics with details and visual interest in the chest area, as well as high necklines, scarves and necklaces. Just make sure you avoid plunging necklines.

7. Short Legs
Go for high-heeled boots and shoes, short-waisted dresses and medium-rise pants and jeans. Always tuck in your shirt. Steer clear of low-rise pants, flat-heeled shoes and ankle straps.

8. Big Hips
Opt for straight or boot-cut pants and flared skirts. Stay away from high waists and tapered ankles.

9. Big Belly
Wear diagonals, wrap tops, shirts with ruching, mid-rise pants or jeans. Avoid anything that is tight across the midriff and tapered ankles.


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