From cold coffee to a condescending server, we have quite a few complaints about restaurants. But what do we gripe about the most? Consumer Reports surveyed 1,003 adults nationwide to find out our biggest grumbles and grievances when it comes to dining out. Consumer Reports' gripe-o-meter's top restaurant complaints:
  • Dirty utensils or tables: 76 percent 
  • Dirty or ill-equipped restrooms: 73 percent 
  • Impolite or condescending servers: 72 percent 
  • Servers with a sloppy appearance or poor hygiene: 67 percent 
  • Meals or beverages served at incorrect temperatures: 66 percent 
  • Meals that are not what you ordered: 62 percent 
  • Feeling rushed to finish or leave by the server: 61 percent 
  • Server removing your plate or beverage before you have finished: 59 percent 
  • Food that does not look or taste as described on the menu: 54 percent 
  • Slow service: 51 percent 

  • Other complaints included servers who are confused about who ordered what, servers who do not bring water to the table, other diners talking or texting on their phones, loud diners, tables placed too closely together and either too much or not enough nutritional information on the menu. We are also annoyed when we have to wait 15 minutes past a reservation time and when gratuities of 18 percent or more are automatically added to the check.


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