(Women's Health) Farmer's markets and specialty grocery stores are proud to announce the arrival of truly precious bundles of joy, weighing in at only a few ounces. "Younger and more petite versions of popular fruits and vegetables are naturally sweeter, cook up faster, and just look pretty on the plate," says Sabrina Meinhardt, director of specialty foods at The Greene Grape in Brooklyn. Here, the evolved traits of these peewee all-stars:

Fairy-Tale Eggplants -- No prep
Naturally more delicate and less fibrous, so there's no need to pre-salt. "They grill up great and roast quickly with none of the work or risk of rubberiness you get with the standard size," says Meinhardt.

Baby Artichokes -- No choke
You can saute and eat these flower buds with a knife and fork, tender leaves and all. "Being picked young keeps them from developing the hairy, tough, and sharp parts that are usually inedible in the adults."

Baby Bananas -- No mush
At this perfect serving size, it's easy to eat the whole bunch before they get too ripe.

Kiwi Berries -- No fuzz
Juicy little balls of sweet-tartness you can pop in your mouth like grapes. "I'm always turning customers on to them as a new snack food," says Meinhardt.


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