On this date in 1577, five ships commanded by Sir Francis Drake set sail from England on Drake's circumnavigation of the world, a journey that took almost three years.
  • And, might I just add, with no potty stops. 
  • Needless to say, none of the crew ever went on a cruise again. 

In 1642, New Zealand was discovered by Dutch navigator Abel Tasma.
  • You know, you never hear about what happened to Old Zealand. 
  • Of course, he had to share the credit, because, well, they had gone Dutch. 

On this date in 1915, things were so dry in San Diego that the city hired a rain-maker.
  • I don't think I'd ever want to be a rain-maker. You'd always have to work weekends. 
  • He was a real "can dew" guy. He just kept washing cars and planning picnics until it finally started pouring. 
  • He built a replica of Seattle's Space Needle and the heavens opened... 
  • I believe he was the guy who figured out that washing your car makes it rain. 

In 1918, Woodrow Wilson arrived in France, becoming the first U.S. president to visit Europe while in office. Of course, the tricky part was getting his whole office there.

On this day in this date in 1978, the Susan B. Anthony Silver Dollar was issued... as a way to punish Susan.


It's Wednesday the 13th!

Taylor Swift is 28 today. I could have sworn she should be 40-something by now. She plans to have a party, have it go late and then after it breaks up, write a song about it.

Jamie Foxx hits the big 5-0 today. All indications are that he and Katie Holmes are a couple. A couple of what, I couldn't tell you... but a couple none the less. He can act anything... except his age. he one multi-talented dude. There's even a TV network named after him.

Johnnie Whitaker, who played Jodi on the old "Family Affair" TV series," turns 58 today. You only have to worry if you remember.

Steve Buscemi hits the big 6-0 today. Nice guy, but if you're going to his party, bring a gift. He's just got those scary eyes and you don't want to set him off.

Ted Nugent turns 69 today. Instead of blowing out his birthday candles, he shoots them out with a bow and arrow.

Dick Van Dyke is 92 years old. Every day he wakes is a jolly holiday. No more falling over couches for you!

National Cocoa Day -- Hot cocoa helps fight heart disease and cancer. Yes, The sweet treat contains large amounts of disease-fighting antioxidants -- and the heat may get them into the bloodstream faster, according to Ki Won Lee, Ph.D., whose study was published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. "These results," says Dr. Lee, "Suggests that cocoa is more beneficial to health than teas and red wine in terms of its higher antioxidant capacity" and its ability to head off damage that could trigger heart disease and cancer.


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