Your Facebook page isn't as private as you might think. 95% of employers say they use social media sites to find out more information about prospective job candidates. If those employers they don't like what they see, then you can forget about that dream job. Reppler, a company that offers a tool for scrubbing social networking accounts of job-damaging material, recently commissioned a survey of 300 hiring managers to find out how they are using social networking sites -- from Facebook to Twitter. 69% of employers surveyed said they have rejected a candidate because of what they saw about that individual on a social networking site. Besides drunken photos and disparaging remarks about previous employers, what could you possibly post on Facebook that would make an employer reject you? Here it is. Pay attention. Why employers are nixing job candidates based on their Facebook pages:
  • 13% lied about their qualifications 
  • 11% posted inappropriate photos 
  • 11% posted inappropriate comments 
  • 11% posted negative comments about a previous employer 
  • 11% demonstrated poor communication skills 
  • 10% posted content about using drugs 
  • 10% made discriminatory comments 
  • 10% posted content about drinking 
  • 7% shared confidential information from a previous employer 

So, what can you do on Facebook that makes an employer sit up and take good notice of you?
  • 39% gave a positive impression of their personality and organizational fit 
  • 36% had a profile that supported their professional qualifications 
  • 36% had a profile that showed the candidate was creative 
  • 34% had good references posted by others 
  • 33% showed solid communication skills 
  • 33% had a profile that showed the candidate was well-rounded 
  • 24% had a profile that showed the candidate had received awards and recognitions 
  • 18% never hired a candidate because of information on a social networking site 


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