• Washington State is looking at offering a third choice when it comes to gender identity on a birth certificate: male, female or X. 
  • British counter-terrorism police have arrested two men over an alleged plot to attack Downing Street and assassinate Prime Minister Theresa May. 
  • President Trump has ordered the U.S. Embassy in Israel to move to Jerusalem, as the U.S. will now officially recognize it as their capitol. Needless to say, not playing well in Muslim countries. 
  • Oreo's mystery flavor has been revealed -- it's Fruity Pebbles! 
  • Some NBC staffers have quietly confessed they're nervous about working at next year's Winter Olympics in South Korea, out of fear of being nuked. 
  • In Gulfport, Florida, a skydiving Santa taking an Elf on the Shelf to a 9-year-old girl crashed into a tree and light pole before hitting a Florida beach and breaking his leg. 
  • Time magazine has named the social movement aimed at raising awareness about sexual harassment and assault, epitomized by the #MeToo social media hashtag, as the most influential "person" in 2017. 
  • Bitcoin has gone above $12,000 for the very first time. It first sold in 2010 for 6 cents. 
  • Time Magazine's 2017 Person of the Year: the #metoo Silence Breakers for being "the voices that launched a movement." 
  • Johnny Hallyday, France's best-known rock star for more than a half-century and nick-named "The French Elvis" has died at the age of 74. Lung cancer. 
  • The toxicology report is out on Chester Bennington. He had ecstasy in his system and a small amount of alcohol when he committed suicide on July 20. 
  • Gwyneth Paltrow says that Harvey Weinstein use to claim that he had sex with her, while trying to seduce other women. And for the record, she never did. 
  • Naya Rivera has filed for divorce from her husband for the second time. 
  • A new book claims that for Donald Trump, the four basic food groups are McDonald's, KFC, pizza and Diet Coke. 
  • Due to the harassment scandal, Matt Lauer's wife has now left the country. 
  • A report says the average monthly transportation cost for a family is $750 a month. 
  • Amazon drones are being designed to self-destruct in emergencies for safety. 
  • In New York this week, a service dog got away from its owner and went for one of the characters up on stage... during a performance of "Cats." 
  • Pizza Hut has started delivering pizza and beer in Phoenix as part of an experiment. If it works, it will roll into other markets next year. 


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