(Allure) You don't need to initiate strip poker to be the sexiest girl in the room. Body language is a smile way to convey sexiness. "Self-assurance is the key to projecting attractiveness," says Beverly B. Palmer, professor of psychology at California State University, Dominguez Hills. She suggests:

Make eye contact

"A quick glance communicates interest," Palmer says; "a lingering look moves it a step further." In fact, an independent study found that prolonged eye contact is one of the most successful tactics in initiate flirting.

Touch your clothes

Adjusting your necklace or smoothing the hemline of your skirt leads the eye to the feminine parts of your body without being vulgar.

Be on your toes

At a part, staying on your feet makes you look confident. "Don't allow yourself to be visually lower than everyone else," Palmer advises. "We all pay attention to someone who's higher up."

Don't be cross

Crossing your ankles and folding your arms says "stay away." Lean forward while talking, and leave your arms at your sides. "Open posture says you welcome interaction," says Palmer. "People like to feel wanted."


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