(Cosmopolitan) Pay attention the next time your man or a hot stranger checks you out. The first place his eyes land reveals key information about his personality, according tot he latest scientific findings:

He is sexually adventurous. New research found that men who were most attracted to knockers were also most open to casual hookups. But experts say that does not men he is a dog it just shows he does not judge when it comes to sex.

He has an alpha-male streak. Your backside is one of the most primal body parts just check out how the rest of the animal kingdom mates. So when a guy is most turned on by a woman's behind, he is subconsciously tapping into those primitive instincts.

He loves a powerful woman. The muscles here are super strong so when a guy is drawn to them, it is a sign that he especially values a woman who is determined and independent.

He is expressive. Since facial expressions are one of the main ways you convey thoughts and emotions, a dude who looks here first is likely the communicative type and is trying to get a quick read on your personality.


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