Whether you wear it long or short, wavy or straight, your hair makes a powerful statement about who you are:

Long and Layered
This flowing cut matches your youthful outlook. You're a free spirit with an upbeat personality who embraces life with a fierce passion that others envy. Your endless energy keeps you in great shape because you're always on the go. The frequent trims your style demands also denote an organized mind and a super competent leader who knows how to get cooperation.

Surrounding your face with oodles of curly locks is a shout out to your eternal optimism. Smart and articulate, you know what you want in life and set your goals accordingly. You're a strategist who consistently thinks outside the box, offering ingenious solutions to tough problems both on the job and at home. You have a natural self confidence that's never overbearing while propelling you to achieve your ambitions.

Although your hair doesn't give you as many style options as longer 'dos, you project a dynamic vibe that attracts the admiration of others. Your sophisticated look epitomizes your trendsetting, creative side that's constantly producing ambitious projects for your family and community. A nonconformist with a decisive manner, you revel in blazing your own trail. But you're never alone for long because people find you so fascinating.

You personify a worldly elegance that impresses everyone you meet. You have a fetching allure that makes you appear affluent even when you're stone cold broke. The sleek, tidy style of your hair also gives you the look of a professional no matter what your job title. You never forget the lessons learned from your travels and life experiences. You're a tenacious person who smashes through obstacles in a quiet yet effective manner.

Your warm hearted, generous demeanor is so disarming that others can't help but fall under your spell. But your gentleness should never be perceived as weakness because you can take life's toughest knocks in stride. You're often the family peacemaker, seeing both sides of an argument and dispensing practical advice. Men find your look the most attractive because they subconsciously see a loving nature in your carefree locks.


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