(Yourtango.com) A recent study reveals what's really important to your guy. You've heard the old adage, "men are from Mars, women are from Venus," right? It can definitely feel that way sometimes. Especially when you consider the findings of a study detailing the aspects that contribute to the happiness of men and women. While women tend to find happiness in aspects of their lives such as love, family, a healthy sex life, good health and living in a nice area men tend to be a bit more -- shall we say, superficial, citing things like salary and physical appearance. Here are just a few things fueling your man's smile.

1. His Paycheck

Cha-Ching! According to the study which was commissioned by Benenden Health, men whose jobs paid better tended to be happier than those whose did not. This is likely because, according to the study, the cause of most stress for respondents was money worries.

2. His LinkedIn Profile

Eyes on the prize! According to the study, men with promising career prospects were much happier than those lacking direction. We're glad to hear that because really, what's sexier than a driven man with a promising future?

3. His Hot Bod

Ladies, you're not the only ones who are weight conscious! Benenden health's study found that men who had what they perceived to be an ideal body weight and shape were much happier than those who had yet to reach those physical goals. Keep that in mind next time you're complaining to your man about the way you look and maybe hit the gym together -- or, try a healthy date. The couple that sweats together, stays together!

4. The Mirror

Again ladies, you're not the only one stressing about your appearance. Men who were happier with their overall physical appearance were more optimistic about life than those who felt they could make a few changes. Make sure your man knows just how handsome you really think he is! It might just change his whole outlook.

5. What Everyone's Saying About Him

Mr. popular! Men who felt that others thought more highly of them cited feeling better about themselves as opposed to men who either were unsure of others perceptions of them or felt people perceived them in a bad light. It goes without saying that men and women alike tend to be more attracted to someone who's likable, so whatever you're doing -- keep it up, guys!

6. His Wallet

In today's economy, money really talks; While the women in the study didn't seem so concerned with money, men tended to feel happiest when their finances were in order. Guys, keep that in mind -- before you go out and shower your lady in gifts, consider your financial situation. Live within your means; having a budget just might be sexier to your significant other than you think!

7. Keeping His 9 To 5

If your man is a recent graduate and he's employed, congratulations, he's one of the lucky few. In today's job market, odds are he had to fight long and hard to that job -- I'm talking countless interviews and lots of rejection. This is probably why the men studied by Benenden Health rated job security as an integral part of their daily happiness. With so many people struggling to find jobs and even more people struggling to keep jobs they've had for so long, it's no surprise that your man takes comfort in knowing he's safe in his position. Let him know you're proud of him and the hard work he does; we all like to be appreciated and applauded for our efforts.


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