Women are better at parking than men. And that's not all. Women are better at finding parking spaces. Says who? These are the results of a British study that is one of the most comprehensive ever conducted on gender driving differences. London's Telegraph reports that British researchers working for the parking firm NCP covertly placed parking lots across Britain under video surveillance. Each person who parked was graded on seven key components of driving styles. The results:
  • In general, women were more adept at maneuvering into a space than were men. 
  • Women were more accurate in lining up their vehicle before starting each maneuver. 
  • 52 percent of women aligned their car in the middle of the parking space, compared with just 25 percent of men. 
  • 39 percent of women were able to cleanly back up into a parking space, compared with just 28 percent of men. 
  • Men tended to be less patient than women, which caused them to miss open spaces. 

Women had a slower approach to parking, but this allowed them to better find open spaces and see when another driver was about to vacate a space. But men do excel at some things:
  • Men were more skilled at driving forward into a parking space. 
  • Men were more confident overall; that is, fewer men than women opted to reposition the car once it was parked. 
  • Men parked faster, taking 16 seconds, on average, compared with the 21 seconds women needed to complete the maneuver. 

Still, once all seven criteria were taken into account, women were ranked first with a total score of 13.4 out of 20, compared to 12.3 points achieved by men.


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