On this date in 1814, Napoleon Bonaparte abdicates as emperor of France and is banished to the island of Elba... after a stripper came forward. No, wait.

In 1898, President McKinley asked Congress for a declaration of war against Spain. Apparently, this is a very contentious time of year.

On this date in 1921, Iowa became the first state to impose a cigarette tax. That made sense, considering the state slogan at the time was, "Tax 'em if you've got 'em."

Today is the day, back in 1947, that Jackie Robinson played his first game in major league baseball, becoming America's first black baseball player.
You know, they should make a movie about that.
No matter how hard you think your first day at work went, you're not even close.
Hard for my brain to wrap around that it was ever that way.

On this date in 1951, General Douglas MacArthur was relieved of command in Korea by President Harry Truman for not following orders. If that had happened today, he might have been replaced by Dennis Rodman.

On this date in 1970, Paul McCartney announced that he would no longer record with John Lennon. Beatles fans everywhere yelled out, "Get back! Get back! Get back to where you once belonged."

On this date in 1985, scientists announced that they have measured the exact distance to the moon, give or take an inch. The only thing left to do was reel in that enormous tape measure.


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