According to an Oxford University study, it was on this date in 33 A.D. that Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross. So, technically speaking, it should be Good Wednesday.

It was on this date back in 1860 that the legendary Pony Express began service between St. Joseph, Missouri and Sacramento, California. It would take up to four weeks to get a letter by Pony Express, unless you were a Prime Member. Then it was only two weeks.

In 1866, the hat shaping machine was patented. Don't you just roll it up and put a rubber band around it? Different hats, probably.

On this date in 1882, notorious outlaw Jesse James was shot and killed in St. Joseph, Missouri, by Robert Ford, a member of his own gang. I'm sure if Sandra Bullock was there, she would have helped.

In 1953, TV Guide was created. Up until that time, no one had any idea what shows were on at what time. Of course, back then, they didn't own a TV so it didn't matter.

On this date in 1961, Washington, DC, residents were given presidential vote by the 23rd amendment to the U.S. constitution. Yep, they couldn't vote before 1961. Of course, after the last election, they may want to reverse that.

On this date in 1980 the prime lending rate was at 20%. Things could be a lot worse. Actually, they have been. Of course, I was much too young to remember.


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