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Keith Anderson Bio 

Timetraxx host Keith Anderson hails from the Rock and Roll capital of Cleveland, Ohio. That may explain his penchant for the popular music of the mid 20th century. His first childhood memories are of the tabletop radio in the kitchen.

“I was born in 1955 so you might think it was Chuck Berry or Elvis that are my first impressions, but it was actually Lawrence Welk, who had a Number 1 Top 40 hit in 1960 with 'Calcutta',” Keith recalls.

Throughout his school years, he would seldom be seen without a portable transistor radio, twirling the knob to hear all the powerhouse radio stations in area – WIXY, WJW, WHK, and WKYC and the radio disk jockeys who would inspire him to pursue a career in broadcasting.

His ambition was realized when he enlisted in the Air Force in 1973.

“I had no idea that the military had a broadcasting activity until I was stationed overseas,” he said.

Keith eventually went on to complete a 20 year career, retiring in 1993, with assignments in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greenland, and Iceland. He also taught broadcasting skills to students at the Defense Information School.

His final assignment took him to Los Angeles, California as the assistant to the Director of Programming for the Armed Forces Network.

Since then, he has made a number of stops in the audio and video production field in Las Vegas and Louisiana, arriving back in Cleveland in 2012, where he performed as a radio host for the reincarnated Top 40 station of his youth, WIXY1260 Online.

“My radio career has required a knowledge of nearly all formats and types of music but I still am drawn to the Top 100 chart music of the early rock era,” he said. “There was such a diverse variety – from Dean Martin to Jimi Hendrix or Petula Clark to Joan Jett.”

The Timetraxx program will focus on the years 1955 to 1980 with a perspective on the little known details of the song and performer.

“The music of this era is, in my opinion, the soundtrack to our lives and, ideally, will remain timeless and unforgettable,” he added.


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