Chance the Rapper is 26 today. What's Chance's favorite letter? Chance says 'R', 'cause I wear a silly grin...

Ralphie, from "A Christmas Story," actor Peter Billingsley, turns 48 today.
And still doesn't have a Red Ryder BB gun.
Going to have to let out those bunny pajamas just a little bit more.
For this birthday, he wants a Red Ryder nail gun.

Rap singer Gerardo turns 54 today. Two words will tell you who he is: "Rico Suave."

Jon Cryer from "Two and a Half Men" and "Supergirl" turns 54 today.
He used to have a problem with leg cramps but has now gone four years without a Charlie.
Oh, he'll celebrate his birthday with the cast, but it just doesn't have the Sheen it used to.
Yet another one of Charlie Sheen's ex's.

Martin Lawrence, working on "Bad Boys for Life" with Will Smith, turns 54 today. He used to have a sitcom on FOX, but I could never remember the name.

It's Patriots' Day and it's Bill Belichick's 67th birthday. Lots of his team will wish him well, but Tom Brady said he'll pass.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar turns 72 today. That's a little more than a foot a decade. Roger Roger. Huh? That's over 20 years for each name.


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