Taran Noah Smith, the cute little kid named "Mark" on "Home Improvement" is 35 today.
Of course, we'll never know if he ever has kids, as Tim Allen moved on to another TV family.
He's another one in a long list of child actors who turned 18 and found out that his parents spent his trust fund on a house. Not that a house could ever be a bad investment.

Robin Wright from "The Princess Bride" and "Forrest Gump" turns 53 today.
As her love life will testify, there is no Mr. Wright.
She's done some pretty remarkable things in Hollywood, like "The Princess Bride"... and surviving a marriage to Sean Penn.
She was also the girl Forrest Gump was enamored with in the movie... uh, shoot... why can't I remember the name of that movie?

Julian Lennon celebrates his 56th birthday. He's lived 16 years longer than his father so far.

Steve Howe of Yes and Asia turns 72. I know what you're thinking: "No!"

Darlene Gillespie, one of the original Mouseketeers, turns 78. Not time yet to say goodbye to all our company. That seems so long ago.

Name Yourself Day -- To celebrate, you are allowed to give yourself a new name for one day.


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