Kristen Bell Warns New Veronica Mars Will Be "Controversial." Veronica Mars fans, you better prepare yourselves. E! News was with Kristen Bell at a luncheon with Lindt Chocolate and the Alliance of Moms, and she spilled some interesting -- and cryptic -- info about Hulu's upcoming Veronica Mars miniseries revival. "This will be a controversial season. Let me just say that," Bell told E!'s Erin Lim. "I am excited for people to watch and I am also probably going to stay off the internet once it airs," she said. No live tweeting for Bell. "There's some stuff that happens that people will have strong feelings about." What does she mean by that? "I am excited for people to watch and I am also probably going to stay off the internet once it airs," she said. No live tweeting for Bell. "There's some stuff that happens that people will have strong feelings about." Gulp. Bell recently wrapped production on the miniseries and said the character hasn't really changed over the years, "but the world around her changed." "It's different when she's an adult," Bell teased. "The world is bigger, it's sort of darker and dirtier, but she still has her moral compass, her sass and her wit. It's still very much a show about the haves and the have nots and Veronica fighting for the underdog. It made me so happy to do it again." Is this the last time we'll see Veronica Mars? "It won't be," Bell said. Veronica Mars premieres on Hulu in summer 2019. (Eonline)

Jane the Virgin's Final Table Read Was as Emotional as You'd Expect. Grab your tissues, because Jane the Virgin is coming to an end and the cast has something to say. The cast and crew of the series took to Instagram on Wednesday to express how bittersweet it is to take part in the final table read for the beloved show. Justin Baldoni, who plays heartthrob Rafael Solis, wrote about the "real friendships" that were created thanks to the hit show in a caption of a photo of himself, Yael and Gina Rodriguez. "Five years of cast table reads every week ... this was the last one. Ends are always hard. We've grown up together. Been through massive life moments together. Through joy and pain," he shared. "It's the end of an era but the beginning of so many incredible things." Baldoni continued, "Our show has given birth to so much beauty in all of our lives. So many tears. But they are tears of gratitude." The actor revealed that there are only three weeks left of filming for the CW show, but rather than be sad about the end of this chapter he is going to "savor" and "enjoy" the time they have left. Justin concluded his statement by showing some gratitude to the show's legions of fans who have been "sharing and following our journeys." Likewise, Yael, who created the iconic Petra, shared a teary-eyed looking photo of herself after the final table read, with the caption: "Just had our last table read for #janethevirgin . After crying nonstop for 1.5 hours I'm gonna go pass out. Too many feelings." While these characters are moving on, Jane the Virgin isn't entirely coming to an end. There will be a spinoff series based on Jane's anthology series that she was working on throughout the series. According to the CW, it will be a "telenovela anthology series in the tradition of Jane the Virgin, where each season is based on a different fictional novel "written by" Jane Villanueva and narrated by the author herself. The first installment takes place at a Napa Valley Vineyard, where family secrets (and family members) don't stay buried for long." So, basically, fans can breathe a sigh of relief cause it isn't over yet! Jane the Virgin returns every Wednesday at 9 p.m. on The CW. (Eonline)

Netflix's The Society Puts Teens at the Center of a Dangerous Mystery. What would happen if a group of teenagers found themselves in their wealthy New England town without any adults? The Society, Netflix's new drama, would happen. In the new series, teenagers are mysteriously transported to a version of their hometown, no parents in sight. At first their newfound freedom is fun... and then it turns dangerous. The teens struggle to figure out what happened to them, how they can get home and how to live in a world without order. Can they establish stability in this new world? Alliances will be necessary if they want to survive. The trailer features a glimpse at what's in store for Cassandra, Allie, Harry and the rest of the teens at the center of The Society. It's not pretty. "Mom? It's me again. Where is everyone? It's been nine days. We're all alone. Some of us thought it would be fun to be in charge of ourselves. But things got bad. If you hear this, please come find us," Allie says in the trailer as images of chaos, parties and violence flash. The series premieres May 10 with 10 one-hour episodes. Chris Keyser is the showrunner and executive producer. Marc Webb is also on board as executive producer. The Society stars Rachel Keller as Cassandra, Kathryn Newton as Allie, Alex Fitzalan as Harry, Kristine Froseth as Kelly, Jacques Colimon as Will, Sean Berdy as Sam, Toby Wallace as Campbell, Gideon Adlon as Becca, Olivia DeJonge as Elle, Alex MacNicoll as Luke, Natasha Liu Bordizzo as Helena, Jose Julian as Gordie, Salena Qureshi as Bean, Jack Mulhern as Grizz, and Grace Victoria Cox as Lexie. (Eonline)

'Mr. Robot' shooting takes over NYC hot spot Nomad. Fresh off his Oscar win for "Bohemian Rhapsody," Rami Malek is back to work on his hit cable TV show, "Mr. Robot." The star was spotted filming a scene with co-star Christian Slater at Oscar Wilde restaurant in Nomad, we hear, and a spy told us, "The show went all out for the scene's decor -- themed for Christmas time with hundreds of sparkling holiday lights. There were over 100 extras who filled out the room, and it took nearly 10 hours of shooting." The source added, "Rami was a real pro, giving pointers throughout the scene." The upcoming fourth season of the show will be its last. (PageSix)


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