Born On This Day...

Born On This Day...
   In 1227 Pope Nicholas IV (1288-1292)
   In 1627 Fictious character, Robinson Crusoe (according to Daniel Defoe)
   In 1732 French banker and statesman, Jacques Necker
   In 1802 French chemist, Antoine Jerome Balard (discovered bromine)
   In 1813 Scottish physcian/explorer, John Rae (Canadian Arctic)
   In 1861 Businessman, William Wrigley Jr. (Wrigley's Gum, Chicago Cubs)
   In 1870 French physicist, Jean-Baptiste Perrin (atomic nature of matter)
   In 1912 Actor, Kenny Baker (Calendar Girl) [d: 8-10-85]
   In 1915 Former Georgia governor, Lester Garfield Maddox [d: 6-25-03]
   In 1921 Actress, Deborah Kerr (The King & I, Night of Iguana) [d: 10-16-07]
   In 1924 Author, Truman Capote (In Cold Blood) [d: 8-25-84]
   In 1926 Baseball Hall-of-Famer/announcer, Robin Evan Roberts (89)
   In 1928 Author, Elie Wiesel (Souls on Fire) (Nobel-1986) (87)
   In 1931 Actress, Angie Dickinson (Pepper-Police Woman, Sabrina) (84)
   In 1932 Actor, Ben Cooper (Johnny Guitar, Rose Tattoo) (83)
   In 1932 Former baseball player, Johnny Podres (Dodgers) (83)
   In 1935 Singer, Jill Corey (Your Hit Parade) (80)
   In 1935 Singer, Johnny Mathis (Chances Are, The Twelfth on Never) (80)
   In 1939 Actor, Len Cariou (Four Seasons) (76)
   In 1942 Singer, Frankie Lymon (Why Do Fools Fall In Love) [d: 2-28-68]
   In 1942 Singer/drummer, Dewey Martin (Buffalo Springfield) [d: 2-1-09]
   In 1942 Swedish cyclist, Sture Pettersson (Olympic-Silver-1968) (73)
   In 1943 Singer/actress, Marilyn McCoo (5th Dimension) (72)
   In 1943 Actor, Ian Ogilvy (Return of the Saint, Generations) (72)
   In 1944 Magician/illusionist, Roy Horn (Siegfried and Roy) (71)
   In 1945 Country singer, Richard Bowden (Pinkard and Bowden) (70)
   In 1945 Singer/keyboardist, Mike Harrison (Spooky Tooth) (70)
   In 1946 Singer, Sylvia Peterson (The Chiffons) (69)
   In 1947 Singer/guitarist, Marc Bolan (T. Rex) [d: 9-16-77]
   In 1947 Actress, Rula Lenska (Friends From Europe) (68)
   In 1948 Former football player, Andy Maurer (Vikings; Super Bowl IX) (67)
   In 1951 U.S. breast stroke swimmer, Catie Ball (Olympic-4 Gold-1968) (64)
   In 1953 Country singer/songwriter, Deborah Allen (Baby I Lied) (62)
   In 1953 Actress, Victoria Tennant (The Winds of War) (62)
   In 1954 Singer, Patrice Rushen (Forget Me Nots) (61)
   In 1954 Actor, Barry Williams (Greg Brady-The Brady Bunch) (61)
   In 1957 Drummer, Dave Betts (Honeymoon Suite) (58)
   In 1957 Actor, William Christian (Derek Frye-All My Children) (58)
   In 1957 Actress, Fran Drescher (Cadillac Man, The Nanny, Jack) (58)
   In 1958 Actor, Christopher Cass (Jack Forbes-Loving) (57)
   In 1958 Country singer/guitarist, Marty Stuart (57)
   In 1959 Actress, Debrah Farentino (Hooperman, NYPD Blue, Earth 2) (56)
   In 1960 Actress, Susan Keith (Shana-Loving) (55)
   In 1961 Actress/singer, Crystal Bernard (It's a Living, Helen-Wings) (54)
   In 1961 Actor, Eric Stoltz (Mask, Fast Times at Ridgemont High) (54)
   In 1962 Baseball player, Dave Magadan (Mets) (53)
   In 1962 Rap singer/producer, Marley Marl (53)
   In 1962 Soccer star, Frank Rkaard (Ajax, AC Milan) (53)
   In 1963 Country singer, Eddie Montgomery (52)
   In 1964 Singer, Trey Anastasio (Phish) (51)
   In 1964 Actress, Monica Bellucci (The Matrix Reloaded) (51)
   In 1964 Bassist, Robby Takac (Goo Goo Dolls) (51)
   In 1965 Singer, Daron Norwood (My Girl Friday) (50)
   In 1966 Actress, Lisa Thornhill (Savannah, Family Man) (49)
   In 1970 Actor, Tony Hale (Byron-Arrested Development) (45)
   In 1971 Actress, Jenna Elfman (Dharma-Dharma & Greg) (44)
   In 1974 Actor, Ashley Hamilton (Billy Felder-Sunset Beach) (41)
   In 1976 Actress, Adita Linares (Clueless) (39)
   In 1977 Actress, Maia Brewton (Lime Street, Parker Lewis Can't Lose) (38)
   In 1979 Actor, Mike Damus (Marty-Teen Angel) (36)
   In 1980 Tennis player, Martina Hingis (won Grand Slam singles at 16) (35)
   In 1981 Olympic Athlete, Dominque Moceanu (34)
   In 1982 Actress, Lacey Chabert (Party of Five, Lost In Space) (33)

   In 1982 Actor, Kieran Culkin (The Mighty, She's All That) (33)


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