22 September, Arizona Roadmap to Veteran Employment

On 22 September at the TMAC from 9am-4pm, Arizona Coalition for Military Families, Arizona@Work, ACS, SFL-TAP, and UofA are partnering to create a ROADMAP TO VETERAN EMPLOYMENT.  This hiring event is not a traditional job fair.  Job seekers will be pre-matched with jobs and interviews for the day of the event.  You must pre-register online!  This Hiring Event is open to all service members, veterans & their family members who pre-register by 22 August. For more information call 602-753-8802 or stop into the SFL-TAP office. 

*Roadmap Team: Roadmap@arizonacoalition.org | 602-753-8802 | www.ArizonaCoalition.org/employment


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