Yes, that's the word from Kerry McCloskey, whose book, "The Ultimate Sex Diet: The Secret Formula for a Slimmer, Healthier, More Passionate Life," maintains that sex will make you skinny and healthy. Here's the top 10 health benefits of sex:

  1. Sex helps you to live longer.
  2. It strengthens your heart. Do it right and sex can be a cardio workout.
  3. Sex helps to reduce stress and depression thanks to certain stress-busting chemicals your body produces during intercourse.
  4. Sex strengthens your bones and muscles.
  5. It improves your memory and helps keep your mind sharp.
  6. Frequent sex helps you to look younger. A study by Scotland's Royal Edinburgh Hospital found that an active sex life can make you look up to seven years younger.
  7. Sex improves your sense of smell.
  8. It provides pain relief.
  9. Sex may reduce the risk of prostate cancer.
  10. It boosts the immune system.


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