Afroman turns 42 today. Years ago, he had a hit song called, "Must Have Been High." I say that a lot during this presidential campaign... I would say he was a one-hit wonder, but I'm pretty sure he's had a lot more hits than just one.

Elizabeth Berkley is 44 today. She gave us "Saved by the Bell" and the movie, "Showgirls" and refuses to take either of them back.

Lori Loughlin from "Full House" and now "Fuller House" turns 52. What's she doing these days? I think she washes the Olsen twins' cars on the weekends.

Sally Struthers who played Gloria in "All in the Family" turns 68 today. Back on "All in the Family," she was married to "Meathead." Yes, she was the Kardashian of her time.

Jim Davis, the guy who gave us Garfield, turns 71 today.

National Milk Chocolate Day -- Research shows that what perks up your taste buds also reveals vital information about your personality. Milk chocolate means you're a Mr. Spock type who solves problems with keen logic and rational solutions. Leaning toward the darker variety indicates you're guided by your emotions and you resolve problems with creative flair.


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