Other Thoughts....

Dr. Neil Clark Warren is stepping down as CEO and spokesman for dating site eHarmony.com. He had been planning to do that for a while but, ironically, had trouble coming up with a date.

Two new species of scorpions have been found in Arizona. Most likely, in a shoe.

Verizon has purchased Yahoo and plans to merge it with AOL, which would make Yahooaol, right? Sounds like a character on Star Trek.

So, if Hillary Clinton becomes president, what do we call her husband? First Man? I doubt that. First Gentlemen? We know that's not true.

Seth Myers had a funny line: "Booing is just how people exhale in Philadelphia."

President Obama passed the baton to Hillary Clinton this week. Well, he called it a baton, Bill called it a weapon.

They've found a 1964 Rice Krispies TV commercial, with a theme song done by the Rolling Stones. Ironically, all these years later, it's the band that makes the snap, crackle and pop sounds, just sitting there.


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