Ladies, don't fall for these:

The Pity Ploy
Often used by the recently-split-up-with-girlfriend guy looking to score. He'll cry about how devastated he is, swear he never wants to have sex again -- and then stick his hand up your top.

The "It's Late, Why Not Sleep Here?" Creep
A favorite of men who live far away, this consists of conning you into coming back to their place.

The "I've Got A Big One, Baby" Bull
This guy spreads rumors that he's hung like a horse in order to get a date.

The Red-Hot Lover Ruse
He'll make subtle comments like, "Sleeping with me will be the single most awesome sexual experience of your life, baby." And he knows that if he keeps on chipping away you may end up sleeping with him, just to be sure you're not missing out.

The Get-Her-Drunk-Skunk
Guys are taught this maneuver young. There are three main angles: (1) Coercing you into drinking alcohol when you usually drink something else; (2) Challenging you to match him, drink for drink; (3) Buying all the drinks.

The Doing-Your-Best-Friend Doozie
If a guy can't get directly into your pants he'll have sex with your best friend and hope it makes you jealous.

The "I Bought You Dinner" Winner
Yes, there's still the odd man out there who thinks that just because he bought you dinner, you're supposed to jump into the sack with him.

The "I-Can't-Get-It-Up" Goodie
Guys say this in hopes of coercing a woman into taking it as a challenge to get this guy aroused.

The "Hey, I Forgot I'm Gay" Hoodwink
The aim here is to lull you into a false sense of security before leaping on you, claiming, "I don't know what came over me." This way, you'll feel smug that even gay guys can't keep their hands off you.

The "You're Not My Type" Hype
This is the most cunning scam of all, employing those old favorites - reverse psychology and feminine pride. Every woman loves a challenge, and if he tells you you're not his type enough times, you'll be dying to show him how wrong he is.


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