Born On This Day...

In 1778 Jose de San Martin, liberator of Argentina, Chile and Peru
In 1841 French impressionist painter, Pierre Auguste Renoir
In 1848 Businessman, Edward H. Harriman (founded Union Pacific railroad)
In 1866 Italian philosopher/historian, Benedetto Croce
In 1869 Russian chemist, Phoebus Levene (nucleic acids)
In 1873 Italian opera singer, Enrico Caruso
In 1876 Art collector, Charles Lang Freer (Freer Gallery)
In 1895 Football Hall-of-Famer, Bert Bell (second NFL Commissioner)
In 1901 Actor/comedian, Zeppo Marx (Horse Feathers, Duck Soup) [d: 11-30-79]
In 1904 Record store founder, Sam Goody [d: 8-8-91]
In 1913 Actor, Jim Backus (Mr. Magoo, Gilligan's Island) [d: 7-3-89]
In 1913 Actor, Gert Frobe (Goldfinger) [d: 9-5-88]
In 1915 Actress, Brenda Joyce (Jane-Tarzan movies) [d: 7-4-09]
In 1917 Writer, Anthony Burgess (Jesus of Nazareth) [d: 11-25-93]
In 1918 Tennis Hall-of-Famer, Bobby Riggs [d: 10-25-95]
In 1919 Baseball Hall-of-Famer, Monte Irvin (NY Giants) [d: 1-11-16]
In 1920 Diplomat, Philip Charles Habib (Camp David summit) [d: 5-25-92]
In 1925 Actor, Bert Remsen (Mario-It's a Living, Dandy-Dallas) [d: 4-22-99]
In 1927 Actor, Dick Jones (voice of Pinocchio, Range Rider) [d: 7-7-14]
In 1927 Bluegrass singer, Ralph Edmond Stanley (Stanley Brothers) [d: 6-23-16]
In 1928 TV producer, Larry Gelbart (Oh God, Neighbors, Tootsie) [d: 9-11-09]
In 1929 Actor, Christopher George (Midway, Graduation Day) [d: 11-28-83]
In 1929 Bandleader/saxophonist, Tommy Newsom (ex-Tonight Show) [d: 4-28-07]
In 1932 Actor, Jud Taylor (Thomas-Dr. Kildare) [d: 8-6-08]
In 1932 Country singer, Faron Young (Hell Walls) [d: 12-10-96]
In 1934 Actress, Linda Cristal (Victoria Cannon-High Chapparal) (86)
In 1934 Golfer, Tony Lema ("Champagne Tony") [d: 7-24-56]
In 1935 Talk show host, Sally Jessy Raphael (Sally) (85)
In 1937 Broadcast journalist, Bob Schieffer (CBS) (83)
In 1937 Actor, Tom Courtenay (To Catch A Spy, The Dresser) (83)
In 1938 Actress, Diane Baker (The Net, Courage Under Fire, Cable Guy) (82)
In 1940 Sportscaster, Billy Packer (NBC, CBS Sports analyst) (80)
In 1940 Baseball Player, Ron Santo (first to veto his trade) (Cubs) [d: 12-3-10]
In 1941 Actress, Susan Browning (Pat-Mary Hartman Mary Hartman) [d: 4-23-06]
In 1942 Actress, Karen Grassle (Caroline-Little House on the Prairie) (78)
In 1943 Singer/guitarist/songwriter, George Harrison (Beatles) [d: 11-29-01]
In 1944 Actress, Kristina Holland (Courtship of Eddie's Father) (76)
In 1947 Runner, Lee Edward (Olympic-Gold-1968) (73)
In 1950 Director, Neil Jordan (The Crying Game, Michael Collins) (70)
In 1955 Actress, Leann Hunley (Dynasty, Models Inc., Dawson's Creek) (65)
In 1957 Drummer, Dennis Diken (Smithereens) (63)
In 1957 Guitarist, Stuart Wood (Bay City Rollers) (63)
In 1958 Keyboardist, Jim Gilmour (Saga) (62)
In 1958 Football coach, Jeff Fisher (Titans, Rams) (62)
In 1958 Basketball player, Kurt Rambis (Lakes, Hornets) (62)
In 1959 Singer/guitarist, Mike Peters (The Alarm) (61)
In 1961 Auto racer, Davey Allison [d: 7-13-93]
In 1961 Keyboardist, Chris Pitman (Tool) (59)
In 1962 Singer, Foster Sylvers (The Sylvers) (58)
In 1965 Comedian, Carrot Top [Scott Thompson] (55)
In 1966 Actress, Stacey Cortez (Dark Angel) (54)
In 1966 Actress, Alexis Denisof (Wesley-Buffy The Vampire Slayer) (54)
In 1966 Actress, Tea Leoni (Deep Impact, Family Man, Madam Secretary) (54)
In 1968 Actress, Lesley Boone (Molly Hudson-Ed) (52)
In 1971 Actor, Sean Astin (Goonies, Encino Man, Lord of the Rings) (49)
In 1971 Playmate, Jennifer LaVoie (August-1993) (49)
In 1973 Singer, Justin Jeffre (98 Degrees) (47)
In 1973 Drummer, Richard Liles (3 Doors Down) (47)
In 1973 Actor, Anson Mount (Star Trek: Discovery) (47)
In 1974 Actress, Laurie Fortier (Running the Halls) (46)
In 1976 Actress, Rashida Jones (Louisa-Boston Public) (44)
In 1982 Actress, Heather Lindell (Jan Spears-Days of Our Lives) (38)
In 1986 Actor, Justin Berfield (Reese-Malcolm In The Middle) (34)
In 1986 Actor, James and Oliver Phelps (Harry Potter films) (34)
In 1991 Actress, Tony Oller (As the Bell Rings) (29)
In 1997 Actress, Isabelle Fuhrman (The Hunger Games, Cell) (23)
In 2005 Actor, Noah Jupe (A Quiet Place) (15)


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